It’s not quite Thanksgiving yet, but it is so close that I can taste the honey-glazed ham, succulent turkey, and greens as if it were tomorrow.

Oh, wait… it is.

Last year something happened that has made this week a bittersweet one for me. I’m happy for the simple fact that I get to celebrate with my family and friends, but I can not help, but think back to life for me during this time.

I have a lot to be grateful for, though. I’ve learned a lot throughout my student teaching experience and can say that while I have a lot of growing to do as an educator, I have made a lot of improvements since beginning. I have matured a lot through this experience and am grateful for the opportunity to do so. I won a competition a while back and although I never got the article written about me that I interviewed for, the fact that I won something is amazing to me.

I am also in a relationship (our six month anniversary is coming up soon) and I just treated myself to a new hairstyle. It’s a lot of things I should be grateful for, but it does not make the process of everything any less easier or simple.

I think what I will do to take care of myself this break is spend at least a few hours this break snuggling up next to the fireplace with a good book and something warm. I should cozy up with my cat and wiggle my toes under my blanket my body warms the coldness inside. I could watch a few cat and baby videos interchangeably until my heart explodes from all of the cuteness. I will take time for me and for my own emotional and personal health.

Me time.


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