1. Focus on Christ. Always. He’s my lifeline and the only thing holding me together. He knows what’s best for me.
  2. Stop scrolling on Instagram and various social media websites and comparing your life to theirs. Everyone’s life looks awesome on social media. So what other people are getting what you have a desire for? Maybe it’s not meant for you right now or at all. God has a different plan for everyone and we’re all at different stages in our relationship with Him and in life.
  3. Did I already say stop comparing my life to other people? Yeah, been a bit of a struggle for me at the moment.
  4. Fill myself with Christ. Any voids I feel is a direct sign that I’m not spending enough time with Him.
  5. Stop focusing on earthly goals. Focus on Christ and how I can further His kingdom.

God has been doing great things in me, but I’ve been challenged a lot in this area. It’s more challenging to be content in where you are when you’re filling yourself up with people’s vacation pictures on Instagram, statuses gushing about their amazing honeymoon, and scrolling across endless pictures of wedding dresses and wedding venues. I think social media is a great to spread the gospel and the love of Jesus, but I think, especially for the time being, that I should refrain from scrolling so much (or at all) on social media because it leads into me mindlessly, scrolling and comparing my life to others.

What this means is that when on social media sites (mainly Facebook and Instagram), I tend to scroll for minutes without even realizing it and each picture I see, I feel can plant seeds of envy or open myself up for the potential of feeling envious when I see someone with something I’ve been praying for or that I desire. We don’t consider what it took them to get there or how long they’ve been waiting themselves or even where it came from (the enemy tries to lure us with things, too). We just see that someone’s gotten engaged or someone’s gotten a new job and here comes the temptation of looking at our own relationship, looking at our empty ring finger and going, “um, hello?” It’s toxic and it’s impossible to grow into what God wants us to grow into and be who He’s calling us to be if we’re so focused on why so-and-so got this job and not me or why so-and-so is getting married and not me? What an insult that is to God and the awesome things He’s doing in our lives when we think that way.

This doesn’t happen all of the time, but at times like these where it feels like I’ve been battling these thoughts and desires of marriage and feeling like we’ll never make it down the isle, it’s definitely a struggle not to play the comparison game. So with that said, I am going to refrain from scrolling. I’ll still post, but the endless scroll has got to stop until this passes (which it usually does).

It’s definitely not easy to wait, but the fact of the matter is, as mentioned in my previous post, we don’t exist for marriage. Marriage is a wonderful thing, but God isn’t reconciling us back to Him, so we can get married. He’s not calling us to spread the gospel until we get a spouse. He’s looking into our hearts. He wants us to spread His love and the gospel and live by His lead.