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One word that instantly comes to mind when thinking about God and what He’s done in my life is two syllables: faithful.

It doesn’t matter how far I’ve strayed, how long it took me to be reconciled back to Him, or what path I’ve taken, God’s still there. God’s still be relentlessly pursuing me and running towards me — even as I’ve run away from Him.

I am unworthy of that, but so grateful for it and it often makes me both upset and sad when I hear people bad-mouth God like He hates people. It’s the FURTHEST thing from the truth. He DIED for people like you and me. He DIED for all of us (John 3:16). What person do you know would die for someone they hated? When Jesus was crucified, He was being insulted, taunted, and tortured¬†in the most brutal ways and yet He still died for EVERYONE — even those doing the taunting.

Sometimes, it makes me angry, too, but then I realize majority of these comments are coming from places of pain, hurt, and maybe even misunderstanding. Life is hard and we all go through really difficult things. People make these comments because they truly don’t know. They may see a few Christians and say, “ew, Christ is like that?” or they may hear some nonbelievers spewing hate and be led away that way. I don’t know, honestly. But what I do know that is the only way to truly know Christ is to truly know Christ. A lot of the awesome, transformative things God has done in my life doesn’t make sense to some nonbelievers. They attribute it to science or something else, but I know it’s God because I’ve witnessed it and because I’ve gotten to (and am still getting to) know Him more personally. The more I learn about Him and His heart, the more I realize how big it is and how big His love is for us.

God is crazy faithful and His faithfulness goes beyond even my understanding, sometimes. Sometimes, someone will randomly pray with me without even being asked or I’ll receive some extra cash to help me pay for some bills that I would not have gotten anywhere else because I cannot pay for it. I took a summer class and was fearing I couldn’t afford it and the money came out of nowhere. Suddenly, I didn’t have to pay that summer. I didn’t expect it and to this day there is no logical explanation as to where the money came from that year. I could go on and on…

My point is, God is so faithful! Even in this difficult season that I’m in, I couldn’t help but feel my spirit lift up as I was reminded by the Holy Spirit of how God’s truly got this. As much as I am tempted to obsess over my future, God already knows it. God already knows what’s to come and is not going to stop until He’s finished what He’s started in me. (Phillipians 1:6)

I don’t know what’s to come, but glory be to God!!!!

He’s so good ūüôā

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