My boyfriend brought me a prayer box over a year ago to put all of my requests inside. The point of it was to write down my prayers on the little sheets of paper provided, using this tiny little pencil that came with it and leave it with God.

It’s easier said than done sometimes and of course, I am not completely faithful and praying and completely giving things to God without worrying about them. However, God has shown me even as recently as today that I need to shift my focus off of myself and onto Him. He showed me that He will handle it and He always has. Worrying only hikes up my blood pressure and make me feel anxious, but it doesn’t change the circumstance at all.

I can trust in God. Even through all of this, any confidence that I have had in the success of any of this has been in Christ alone. My anxieties have peaked because I have been focusing entirely on myself as if I am the one that has to fix this problem.

I am SO thankful that the latter is not true.

I am SO thankful that God extends His grace to us every day — even though we totally don’t deserve it.

I am SO thankful that as much as it my feel like I am fighting alone, the truth is that I’m not and the One fighting with me has already one the battle. All I have to do is stand and let God be God in my life.

This is still a process and even at this point, I am not saying I have any of this down pact. But, I am forever grateful that God exists and I am grateful for who He is. I am grateful that even though I do not deserve this opportunity and I do not deserve the grace He extends even through constantly helping me through troubles, God still does these things. God still helps, heals, mends, molds, breaks, puts-together, and changes things for our good.

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