My boyfriend and I had a conversation this morning over our delicious Parisian cups of coffee (did I say delicious?) about what our heaven on earth would look like. Although, we yearn for the day we can meet Jesus and spend all of eternity with Him, there are moments, things on earth that often give us a small glimpse of what that moment would be like.

For me, for example, I said that my heaven on earth would include Jesus, my husband (well, if God wills that I have one), a cup of Parisian coffee, while sitting on a balcony facing the mountainside. I love nature. I love being around it and in it because I feel that it’s in it’s somewhat purest form. The leaves change colors not because there’s some machine manipulating it and the water doesn’t rush peacefully near some of the rivers we frequent because there’s some contraption keeping it from raging (for the most part). It’s peaceful and it’s where I feel closest to God because I can escape the noise of the city, the distractions of urban/suburban living, and experience the beauty of God’s creation with the Creator, Himself. I often think that’s probably why whenever I have anxiety attacks or panic attacks, I can hear God’s gentle voice reminding me to look at the trees or marvel at the skies He’s painted for us. It’s those simple, gentle reminders that remind that not only does God know us so well that He knows what can calm our hearts in an instant, but it also reminds me that He cares. It reminds me that He cares about those little, seemingly insignificant things and wants us to find rest in Him.

Yes, my heaven on earth hasn’t been actualized yet because I have not been able to stay with my husband on the a balcony in the mountains because I don’t have a husband and I don’t live near a mountain. However, the natural routine of the leaves falling off the trees and changing colors, and the cool breeze tickling my skin, reminds me that my heaven on earth can be anywhere because of HE who lives in me. He can use anything wherever we are to remind us of His goodness — a cup of coffee, a sunrise or sunset, or even the laughter of children.  

Heaven on earth is only possible through the Creator of ALL things. It’s only possible when HE is with us.

This earth is nothing compared to the joy that’s coming. Paul says, “For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.” — Romans 8:18

This means that while we can have things and experience things that can make it feel like heaven on earth because of Jesus, it doesn’t even compare to the glory that’s coming. Our best days and happy spaces don’t even compare to the joy that’s coming and that’s present in Christ Jesus. The joy that is found in Christ Jesus is incomparable to anything else we have and will ever experience. 

This is not to say that there aren’t things or places that can make he pleasurable or moments where we experience glimpses of heaven here on earth, but it is to say that even when those moments happen, it’s NOTHING compared to the joy that’s coming; when Christ comes again and we will be able to experience true heaven with the Creator of it. 

Until then, I will enjoy those little moments: the smiles on children’s faces after a long day of creating programs for them and the leaves slowly changing colors until the trees become an ombre’ of reds, oranges, and yellows. 

Until then, I will continue to long for eternity with my Creator and appreciate the beautiful glimpses of what that eternity will be like here on earth.

Thank You, Jesus.

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