Something I heard last week at a trauma training I attended is that instead of trusting God that something should change, we should simply trust. Not trusting necessarily that the situation will change and all of the sudden you will no longer have to worry about this, because that may not be his plan. We may never exit these seasons until he returns, who knows? But, she reminded us to simply trust. That even if the situation does not change to our ideal desire or that thing we’ve been longing for hasn’t happened, we are called to trust.

I liked that she encouraged us to trust Him in the seasons we were in. For example, as of now I cannot see whether or not this situation will change and if I was judging from sight, it’d look like a loud and resounding “not changing.” I’ve been praying two years about it and nothing has happened. Knowing these things, will I still trust God and trust Him even if it feels like some things in my life are at a standstill? Will I continue to spend time with Him, even if that prayer is not answered for another two years?

Therefore, I am continuing to trust as painful as this has been for me and as emotionally draining as this has been. I trust that even if these things aren’t meant to be communicated right now that He will speak on my behalf and He will work things out for my good and His glory.

I could use your prayers, friends, but please also don’t hesitate to share any prayer requests you have for me as I know we all have things we’re going through. Praying with you all!

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