I heard about the Blog-tember challenged through Bailey’s blog and I thought it would be a great opportunity to connect with other bloggers, allow you to get to know more in addition to some of the other topics I post, and also learn more about you lovely people. Naturally, I missed the start date to the challenge, therefore already missing 2 of the blog challenge days. Better later than never though, eh?

Today’s challenge is about favorites from this past summer season. Join me as I discuss some of my favorite moments and memories.




This summer seemed to go by really rapidly. It seems like just yesterday I was unsuccessfully trying not to cry while watching the graduates walk down the aisle on graduation and visiting my cute, little cousin in Virginia. Yet here we are, almost officially done with summer and entering into my favorite season of the year. Goodbye bees and hello layers. Bugs, you will not be missed.

However, as fast as it seemingly went, there were some really awesome things that happened this summer that I am looking forward to sharing with you today.

Here’s my virtual, metaphorical toast to summer 2016!


  • Visiting my cousin in Virginia: She’s the cutest and we share the same birthday. I love getting to see her and my Virginia family, who I miss so much throughout the year. I also loved being able to witness some of growth as she now can count in Spanish (seriously) and knows how to say some impressive words for a 2-year old.


  • Dress shopping: I don’t like shopping, but going dress shopping with my mom was a pretty cool experience. As awkward as I felt being gawked at, it was an indescribable moment when I finally found “the one” and how comfortable I felt in it. It also has pockets…pockets, y’all. The ladies out there know how much of a struggle this is and how jubilant I was to be able to find a dress with pockets. 

Daya's Phone_20160402_035.jpg

  • Iced-coffee galore: I love iced-coffee and the perfect time to have it is when it’s hot outside. I basically only drank iced-coffee all summer and I have no regrets.


  • Celebrating birthdays: So many of my friends and family have birthdays in the summer and while it can be a strain, financially, it’s so much fun celebrating them and another year being alive.
This is an old laptop that I used to own. Not a recent image, but serves it’s purpose 🙂
  • Discovering new blogs: I recently discovered some new blogs that have since become some of my favorite to frequent when I have the time such as Warmth and Whimsy, Maple Alps, and several others!



  • Engagement Photos: We got our engagement photos taken by Betsy at Mountain Gap Photography. Now, I am always really awkward when it comes to having pictures taken of me, but Betsy made the experience very comfortable for the both of us and worked well, despite my fiancé and I’s awkwardness when it comes to taking photographs. We’re super excited to be having her and her husband as our photographers for our wedding this fall.

What are some of your favorites from this summer season? What are you looking forward to accomplishing the most this fall?

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