Oh, November.


The month of that includes the holidays where we stuff our faces with delicious, homemade food as well as shop until we drop for Black Friday sales. The month where the weather starts to slowly resemble winter, the brisk, cold breeze whipping against our skin as we begin to take our winter coats. For me, this November has been a special one in particular.


It signifies the near end of one of my favorite seasons of all time (in my Kanye west voice) and the beginning of one of my favorite holidays, where it becomes seasonally appropriate to have Christmas lights in your apartment, play Christmas music, snuggle, sing Christmas songs to your neighbors, and drink peppermint lattes. I may not like winter very much, but I can’t have enough peppermint mocha lattes – ya dig?


Additionally, I married my best friend and have been spending every morning with him since – which has been awesome. We have a lot to learn, but it’s been so blissful coming home to him each day rather than having the distance between us that we once had. It’s been so wonderful being able to serve him as Christ gives me the strength to and learn what it means to be in a Christ-centered marriage together.

I don’t know what the future holds and there are so many things that are uncertain and not doing as planned, but I am looking forward to spending our first holiday together and starting traditions as a married couple.


I am also looking forward to the Christmas season this year. While there is debate about whether or not Jesus was actually born on Christmas Day, I choose to still acknowledge it because of the meaning for me. The advent season reminds me that my Savior lives and at one point, walked this earth. Even now as I write this, my heart feels warm knowing that this is not fiction, but is in fact reality. That our God so loved the world, He sent His only begotten Son as an atonement for our sins, so that we could have access to Him and to eternal life. It’s a gift we could never earn ourselves and certainly not a gift that we deserved.

I am excited to be celebrating my first advent season with my husband, discovering ways to celebrate this beautiful gift that keeps on giving around our home together.

What are some things that you’re looking forward to this December/winter season?

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