Despite the fact that I’ve been to Delaware many times over the course of the last four years, there’s still very little that I know about the state. Yes, I’m aware that Delaware is known as the “first state”, apple scrapple is a thing, “slower-lower” is a place, the DuPont family had a lot of history in this state,  and that Joe Biden lives in Delaware. In fact, he lives in the same block as my husband’s good friend and my husband’s dad met him once. Pretty cool stuff.

However, aside from those facts and the fact that my husband grew up in a town outside of Wilmington, I know very little about Delaware’s history.

My husband really wanted to go visit the Delaware History Museum in Wilmington, because despite growing up in the area, he had never visited it, himself.

We imagined that the museum would be so small that we could finish it in an hour, but there were so many things to see and a lot of facts that we didn’t know. For example, did you know that they would have “Burry the Hatchet” parades where politicians would come together after an election, and stand on the same float to signify that the election was over and all was well? Can you imagine if our nation did that during the inauguration? I find that so cool!

Delaware was apparently known as the “peach state” for many years until a “peach yellows” began to destroy all of the peach trees, which is unfortunate. To this day, however, you can get distilled peach whiskey from some breweries in Delaware.

Interestingly enough, my husband and I went to a Blue Rocks game and the Mr. Celery you see in the bottom right hand corner comes out when the team makes a home run. Unfortunately, they did when we went, but apparently he saw it recently during a night out with the guys!

What’s a fun fact about your home town?

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