In just a few short weeks, we’ll be celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ! While similar to the debate surrounding Christ, it’s not exactly clear whether the day we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection is actually the day He rose and we celebrate His resurrection, daily, as believers, my family and I still choose to celebrate it. It’s such a good time to reflect on what Christ has done for us and be reminded of the gift of salvation He has given us.

One thing some of you might be aware of us how much I love printables. In my house, I have at least five of them that I both purchased on Etsy and brought myself. They bring a uniqueness to the rooms of our apartment that I really like. They’re also really easy to customize as all you need is a frame and you can turn it into a work of art in it’s own right!

In lieu of that, I decided to make some of my own for Easter, in honor of the One whom we celebrate. Feel free to download these printables and use them in your home or office! If you’re looking to decorate your home for Easter, hopefully these printables can be the perfect addition!

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Download the C+B Easter Printables Here!

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Aside from that, I am curious to know how you guys are planning on celebrating Easter. In our family, my husband and I might be heading down to VA to see some of our extended family members on my side of the family before heading back up north to celebrate with our parents.

What are some of your plans for Easter?

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