If you’ve seen my previous post where I’m sharing some things I’d like to see in my dream house, one of the things I realize I didn’t quite include, but would love to have is a closet.

While I am so grateful for the space my husband and I share together, I realized after we got married and finally move in that I’ve acquired a lot of things over the years – namely clothes.

Shoes, bags, accessories, shirts, dresses, pants, jeans – you name it!

While our current space has definitely been encouraging me to start to downsize and get rid of the things I no longer need or wear, thus turning me into somewhat of a minimalist, there’s still a dream closet in mind. I believe minimalist closets don’t have to be all white nor do they have to be completely bare. For me, I think it’s all about being intentional in what you add to it, keeping it organized, and now clogging it up with too many things.

So today, I am showing you how I would decorate my dream closet. In lieu of keeping things real around here, I know the likelihood of me affording a Mariah Carey-style closet is slim to none, as my husband and I start the house hunt soon, we might find a place with an extra small room that we can use for closet space.

If you’re looking for a way to transition a room in your apartment or home into a small closet, I have some #CBtinytips that might work for your space! Even if your space seems small, there’s things you can do to make it feel larger and achieve the look you’re going for!

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A vanity with a lot of storage:

Call me weird considering most people probably place their vanities inside of their bedroom, but I would love one in the closet. That way before putting on my clothes, I can work on my makeup while my husband gets ready in the bathroom. Plus, for some reason I just love the convenience of having it all in one room as opposed to spreading it out.

What I love about this storage unit that’s picture is that it’s simple and small enough to fit into virtually any place without taking it up. There’s also storage inside of the desk, which makes it both stylish and functional.

C+B Tiny Tip: If looking to buy a vanity for your closet or bedroom, buy small and buy one that’s both functional and simple. If your unit doesn’t come with a mirror, you can either purchase a small one to sit on your table or nail one to the wall.


Light walls and dark, hardwood floors:

I LOVE light walls and will always be an advocate for them when it comes to decor. Yes, bold walls are cool and definitely add flair, but I love how light walls brighten up a room and allow you to be creative with the accents you choose. With light grey walls for example, I have more freedom to add whatever color accents I’d like to add since it’s a color that tends to work with almost any color palate. Army green on the other hand? Not so much.

C+B Tiny Tip:  I would recommend sticking to beige, light grey or ivory when painting the walls of your closet. Light walls also make the space feel larger than it would with a darker color, which although appealing, can make the room feel that much tinier.

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Blush pink and gold accents:

I love pink and gold. In fact, those two colors were included in my wedding and would also be included in our apartment if my husband didn’t articulate that he wasn’t a huge fan of having girly colors in our home together. However, since this is my dream closet we’re talking about, I would want my own closet and therefore would have the liberty to decorate it with all of the pink and gold accents my heart desires!

Without going too crazy, I’d adorn the space with gold accents, gold frames and blush pink pillows. I’d DIY a long, floor-length white curtain to add blush pink poms-poms at the end for a little flair and uniqueness. It would definitely be a space that wouldn’t look like any other place in our home – that’s for sure.

C+B Tiny Tip: If you’re thinking of adding multi-color accents, try to make sure the colors you’re buying are complimentary of each other and fit the theme you’re looking for. The more disorganized colors there are, the more distracting it is and the smaller it could feel.


I would love this in my closet for no other reason than the fact that I love plants. Whether they’re real or faux, I think there’s something so classy and refreshing about seeing a plant in the room. Call me basic, but my favorites are succulents. So much so that I have quite a few in our apartment that I purchased not even one month after we moved in and I’m still looking to add more.

C+B Tiny Tip: If you have the floor space, I would get one plant rather than getting a bunch. The plant is meant to accent the space and the last thing you want is to take even more space away from the closet you’re building. Another recommendation would be to get a smaller, surface, faux plant. Thinking of adding a vanity or have bay windows? Add your pretty succulent in a planter like this one from Arhaus!


Large mirror:

What dream closet is a closet without a large mirror, am I right? Oh the convenience and luxury of having a full-length mirror.  Not only is it functional because it allows you to see your entire look before you walk out the door, but it’s also a mirror that could virtually fit in almost any space.

What I love about this mirror is it’s gold! I LOVE gold and I love the simple design on this mirror. It would fit perfectly with any color palate, but would really be a nice accent color for the light grey walls.

C+B Tiny Tip: Measure the width and length of your wall BEFORE getting a floor length mirror. If you’re looking to increase the size of the room or make it seem larger, I would recommend getting a mirror that doesn’t necessarily fit wall-to-wall. Grab a mirror that’s a couple inches narrower than the width of your wall, so it doesn’t take up the entire space. If you don’t have the wall space, you can also try to secure it to your wall.


Organized storage:

Having drawers and storage to keep the closet organized is a MUST! While I’m not one to necessarily color code things or take pictures of my shoes and stick them on the shelves in boxes (although that’s not necessarily a bad idea), I think having a clean closet it makes a relative small room feel that much bigger.

C+B Tiny Tip: If you don’t have a ton of space, invest in some dresser drawers, a clothing rack, and add some shelving to your wall. Doing so will give you some storage without necessarily compromising on the space and making it feel too tight to actually move in.


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If you’re looking for more inspiration, be sure to check out the Arhaus homepage! They also have a deal where if you sign up for their email list, you will be entered for the chance to win a $1,500 Arhaus giftcard!


What are some of your tiny space hacks? How do you utilize the smaller spaces you have in your home or apartment?

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