Disclaimer: Because my husband and I love to travel (and eat) when we’re able to, I’m officially starting a series titled “Newlywed Eats” and “Newlywed Travels” to highlight our different trips and some of the cool things we’ve tried and seen while traveling. If you have any suggestions for us, we’d love to look into them!

I’m going through our pictures from our recent vacation and editing them (over 1200 photos to be exact) and I’m having withdrawls. It was seriously so refreshing to be able to get away with my husband for a few days just being silly with each other without being concerned with the matters of life. It was a beautiful time for us to rest, connect, and be nerds in a city that holds such a special place in our hearts because we had our honeymoon there. The other interesting thing is that this vacation was timed where it happened during the week of our 5th month being married.

Although Mission BBQ is a chain restaurant in the sense that there are plenty of these restaurants across the country (including in our home state), but I haven’t actually been to one. Before deciding to go with our wedding caterer, we were looking at Mission BBQ. I had heard such great reviews and was really impressed by the fact that they support local troops and even provide different trucks for catering events if you would like to have them there. The ONLY reason why we didn’t go through with it was because we needed to book and unfortunately the restaurant in our state didn’t get back to us about our inquiries until almost halfway into our engagement. I digress, however.

When we headed to Annapolis again, I knew that Mission BBQ was something I wanted to try. My husband and I love BBQ and wanted to see what the hooplah was about when it came to this place. Despite our bellies being full from the breakfast we had, we trekked over there, determined to get a taste of what this place had to offer.

As soon as you walk in, you’re welcomed by this rustic environment that is full of different artifacts and photos from local military, service, and enforcement officers. What I loved about that is it really celebrates our local, everyday heroes that put their lives on the line for the sake of their country and neighborhoods. There was everything from pictures of former president, Jimmy Carter when he was a student in the Naval Academy and even uniforms that belonged to local police officers. The chairs are adorned with stickers referencing certain professions, stations, and army ranks. There’s patches and badges from the air force and so much more!

Once we got to the register, I ordered brisket with cheese sausage and macaroni and cheese. Since we were on vacation and I decided that I wasn’t going to obsess over calorie counting while there, I got a cola with sugar cane sugar. I guess that’s somewhat healthy since the sugar in it is natural – right?

After we said grace, it was time to dig in!

The brisket is amazing! While the sausage I had was absolutely delicious, I feel like it’s really difficult to mess up sausage, but ruining a brisket comes rather easy if it’s overcooked or undercooked. But this cut of meat was cooked just right and was so seasoned that I almost opted to not add any sauce to it later on. However, being the sauce boss that I am, I couldn’t resist trying their different and unique flavors.

I think my favorite sauce was the Texas Twang. I’m not sure what Texas Twang would actually taste like if it was manifested in a delicious, tomato-based BBQ sauce, but I’m sure if that was possible it would taste something like this. This was spicy yet sweet and savory at the same time, which was perfect with my brisket! I opted for the KC Classic for my cheese sausage, although neither needed any additional flavor as they were well-seasoned and very tender.

If you haven’t tried this yet and have one near year you, I’d definitely recommend that you go!

I’m a huge BBQ person and would love to hear about some delicious eats near you! What are some BBQ places that you’d recommend in your city? 


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