DisclaimerBecause my husband and I love to travel (and eat) when we’re able to, I’m officially starting a series titled “Newlywed Eats” and “Newlywed Travels” to highlight our different trips and some of the cool things we’ve tried and seen while traveling. If you have any suggestions for us, we’d love to look into them!

If you’ve been around this blog for a while and peeped an older post of mine where I recapped our honeymoon, there’s a chance you probably heard about my affinity for Iron Rooster and how my husband and I said we wished we would’ve went there sooner. Well, we made up for lost times this time around and visited the delicious restaurant twice – once for brunch and for dinner.

For breakfast, my husband ordered scrapple, two eggs, and potatoes while I dined on a breakfast quesadilla that included scrambled eggs, pulled pork, caramelized onions, roasted red peppers, cheddar cheese, garnished with cilantro, and accented by a side of sour cream and chipotle aioli. It was nothing short of amazing. Their portion sizes are large enough that you probably won’t want anything else for the rest of the morning, so you’re getting your money’s worth for sure.

Their coffee is seriously delicious! Lately, I’ve been sampling coffee without adding sugar to it so I can taste the coffee as it’s brewed – something I usually don’t do. Their coffee is perfect without any sugar added and for someone who loves her coffee with some sweetness to it, that’s saying a lot. It’s strong, but not bitter. It’s smooth and goes down easy. I would definitely recommend their iced coffee with cream. It’s seriously amazing.

While eating dinner, I snapped some shots because believe it or not, my husband and I were the only couple dinning upstairs in the restaurant that day. The restaurant is usually full of people, but we grabbed an early dinner that day. We also went to Annapolis during the work week and it wasn’t quite 5:00 yet, when the rush of people getting off work tends to cause restaurants to fill up, quickly.

There is outside seating and seating available both downstairs and near the bar, where there were some guests sitting. However, we had the whole section of the restaurant where we were sitting to ourselves for the majority of our dinner together, so while eating and spending time with my husband, I used this opportunity to be a tourist and get some shots of one of my favorite restaurants in Annapolis, MD.

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Also, you’ll probably notice in these pictures that my husband loves white t-shirts and has quite a few of them. If you’ve read one of the previous travel posts, you might notice he’s wearing a similar shirt. I joked that all he needed was a visor, flip flops, and a pair of reflective sun glasses and he’d look like a tourist dad trope.

Any who, back to the amazingness that is Iron Rooster.

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I will forever be in love with the decor of this place. While I’m usually not a fan of dark colors when it comes to decor, they style it so well without it looking grim. I love their accent walls, rustic, country-styled wall decor. There was a gallery wall of pie pans, a wall featuring Navy pennants and wooden, country tables. The bar area (not pictured) is also very well styled.

Aside from the aesthetic appeal of the restaurant, the staff are really informative and pleasant! I remember for dinner, my husband and I both asked the waitress for her opinion on certain drinks we should order and certain dishes. In my experience, some people will either shy away from giving you their real opinion or will suggest both – saying they cannot choose. However, I was really impressed with the honesty of the waitress who when my husband was stuck between two options, stated her opinion on what she thought was best. When I asked the waitress for a recommendation for a sweet drink, she told me that the one I was going to order I probably wouldn’t like very much. These things probably don’t mean anything to most people, but I really respected her honesty because it shows that she actually wanted us to enjoy what we ordered.

For dinner I ordered the turkey burger, which was cooked to perfection and adorned with goat cheese (my fave), arugula, and this raspberry jam.  I love goat cheese as it’s so creamy and it paired so well with the tart yet sweetness of the raspberry jam.

My husband ordered a sandwich that included pulled pork, roasted red peppers, caramelized onions, and a few other things that unfortunately my brain cannot seem to remember at the moment. Whatever was in it, he couldn’t stop gushing about how good it was.

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