Today is my husband and I’s fourth dating anniversary and although we nonverbally decided that we wouldn’t necessarily do anything special for our dating anniversaries anymore, I think it’s still special to acknowledge it.

It’s crazy to think that four years ago on this date, my now husband and I, made it official. Like Facebook official – despite the fact that I didn’t have one at the time. It was the sweetest transition from “this person’s pretty cool” to “hey, you’re super cute – let’s make this officially official.” It was a bit nerve-wrecking because at the time I planned to not seriously date anyone until some things worked themselves out, but hey – God had different plans and I’m glad He did.

In honor of this special day, I’m going to share some of our engagement photographs and some memorable moments during our relationship, pre-marriage. Can you tell I’m on a “fun facts” kick lately?

The fun part of it all is that you’re all seeing the engagement photos first! Yes, y’all, despite the fact that I LOVED our engagement photographs and still do, I didn’t share all of them on Facebook. We showed a few people some pictures, but you lovely peeps are the first to see more than 3 of our engagement photographs.

Let’s get to it – shall we?

When I almost friend-zoned him

My husband was late to our second date – like really late. Mind you, he was coming to see me from Delaware, which is the next state over, but in my mind at the time, I thought it was because he wasn’t interested in me. I remember texting my brother saying, “I think I might friend-zone him if he’s any later.”

It was so silly in hindsight because no one is in control of the traffic. I just think I was looking for red flags in guys at the time because I didn’t want to heartbroken and with that mindset going into dating, you can find fault in just about anything. Thankfully, he won me over with his sense of humor and my heart softened in realizing he actually liked me.

When we almost broke up

We almost ended up things. About a few months into dating, I freaked out. As someone who was so afraid of getting hurt, I put walls up like you wouldn’t believe and my husband was the first guy who showed genuine interest in getting to know me for me. I was walled up to the max and up until the point of that disagreement was only giving so much of myself away. I was in it, but I was still withholding aspects of my heart out of fear of being hurt.

It almost seemed too good to be true, so at one point I remember we got into a disagreement because of something very small and I didn’t talk to him for almost two days. It wasn’t disrespectful argument or anything, but at that point I was so scared and that I was pretty much looking for red flags. I really liked him at the time and saw myself starting to really, REALLY like him, so to try to protect myself, I became hypersensitive to anything that even seemed like a red flag.

I think we were both having mini-freak outs around the same time where we were like, “am I ready for the potential this person could have to hurt me?” At that point we were both starting to really like each other.

We talked it over, worked through it, and now we here (in my Drake voice).

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When we knew each other for a month before going on a “date” and I still didn’t know it was a date:

Y’all, I was THE worst at determining whether guys liked me. I remember being on a date with my husband and seeing it more as a hang out at first, because I wasn’t entirely sure whether he was attracted to me or not. This brings me to my next point.


When I thought he didn’t like me because…

As mentioned in my most recent Interview with My Husband linkup, my husband has a self-published story on Amazon that he wrote a long time ago. Before we went out on our first date, he emailed me a copy of his story because one of the things we initially bonded over was the fact that we both loved to read and write. I used to write poetry and short stories as a child and he loved writing as well.

So, I’m reading this story and the description of the woman the main character finds attractive so far sounded like me. She was into reading, loved coffee (holla), was a teacher, loved volunteering during her free time, can sing well (so I’ve been told), loves karaoke, and frequents coffee shops. Basically as I was reading this story, I resulted that I was in. If the story he wrote was based on some of his personality and interest at the time, I’m in – right? As I read on, I noticed the girl had long, straight hair, and tan skin.

Well, I’m tan, alright.

It wasn’t until our third date when him and I hugged while sitting along Penns Landing, that I realized he was really into me. Now when I mention that part of the story, we laugh about it and he explains that his description of the girl wasn’t because that was his ideal type or anything.

When we went to a wedding reception dressed casually

This moment was definitely not my fault. My husband invited me as his date to what he said was one of his good friend’s engagement parties to celebrate their engagement. I was coming right from work, so while I was dressed somewhat formally, I was mainly rocking business casual to the max because as an 8th grade teacher, I dressed for comfort most days (no heels).

We finally get to the event only to find out that it’s his friend’s wedding reception and that everyone else is dressed formally except us. EVERYONE.

We felt SO bad because now in their wedding photos, you see their formally dressed friends in suits and ties and us dressed in jeans. At least I had on a blazer, though!

Fortunately, they were really cool about it and weren’t upset, but I felt so embarrassed.


When I had a dream about my now husband for I met him

This is probably going to sound really creepy, but it’s true. I don’t necessarily think I have the gift of dreams, but I really strongly believe that this dream meant something. I had never met anyone who looked like my husband, before yet there he was in the dream and we were holding each other as if we’d known each other all of our lives. One thing I vividly remember about that dream other than his physical features was the peace I felt in it. So much peace.

Maybe I’ll write a post about it later since it’s too long of story to share in this post.

Speaking of dreams, I had a dream about our wedding before we had it

Granted, I’ve only had three vivid dreams in my life where I felt what I believe the peace of God and this dream was one of them.

Everything from the fall leaves falling in the background, the peace felt as my parents helped me get ready, and my husband’s face clear as day as we danced next to a rustic house near the woods and later in a light room with wedding guests, was magical and vivid. While the morning of my wedding wasn’t necessarily peaceful – a story I’ll also share later, the dances, the falling leaves in the background, and my handsome spouse was pretty much just as I’d dreamt. Maybe coincidental, but I think God was confirming for me that I was going to marry this man one day through that dream as I’d been praying for confirmation.

When watching “The Heat” made us fall in love with Boston accents

Sometime when we were dating, we watched “The Heat” in theaters. I can’t remember what came first, our love for Boston accents or the scene in which a certain New Kids on the Block member said, “are you or are you not a narc?” in an exaggerated Boston accent, but many belly laughs ensued. Now it’s still a joke and we find ourselves speaking in horribly inaccurate Boston accents in hopes of hearing authentic ones in the future.

When I called him to kill a mouse I found in my old apartment

I am petrified of mice – like insanely petrified. I’ve hopped on couches, tables, ran out of rooms, and so much more at the sight of these creepy rodents. At one of my old apartments, I saw one and happened to be in there by myself. It ran so fast I almost didn’t realize that’s what it was until I saw it later on my stove just hanging out as if I wasn’t in the room.

I screamed so loud and began sobbing (I’m a crier). My cat, who was far too sleepy to even bother inquiring about why I was screaming at it to get the mouse and trying to position her towards the direction where it was, just sat there. I know my neighbors were probably wondering whether they should call the cops because I was wailing at this point. Yes, y’all, my fear of them is that real.

This amazing duderino traveled almost an hour to come and rescue me from a mouse that was already gone.

Since that it became a running joke and my sister in love and my brother brought me a “Mouse Trap” DVD as a gag gift for Christmas.

When I found out he had been praying for me

Apparently when I was praying for a man who could deepen my relationship with Christ (because I wasn’t truly living for God, but something was being stirred up in me),  he was, too. He prayed for the same thing and even as we were dating, he prayed for my relationship to grow with Him after having a rough time adjusting to teaching.

When he was there when I officially gave my life over to Jesus

Although I was raised a Christian, I had never really had a true transformation in my heart. I said I was a Christian, but I didn’t live my life out like I was because I wasn’t reading the Word for myself and building a relationship with Him. One day, Han and I visited his home church and I gave my life to the Lord that day. I truly surrendered everything to Him and let everything go in the sanctuary that day. He was there to pray for me, pray with me, and even shed tears because he said that it was an answered prayer for him.

When he proposed to me in the quirkiest way

I don’t think I’ve ever publicly shared our proposal story, but it was seriously so quirky and so perfect for us. Apparently when he proposed to me, he was both nervous and a bit shook because his original plan was thwarted by some guy who yelled a sexually inappropriate comment while we were at Spruce Street Harbor. I felt so uncomfortable by it that I no longer wanted to stay.

He dropped me off at my apartment and I remember muttering, “I feel like you were gonna propose to me there tonight and I ruined it because I let that guy get to me. I’m so sorry” or something to that effect. He ensured me it was okay and asked me to make him some tea.

I dragged my feet into the kitchen, feeling like the world’s worst girlfriend, to make him tea.

“Hot tea, hot tea…” He uttered, repeating the words in a fake Cockney accent, as he followed in after me.

I didn’t think anything of it because he always asked me to make tea and he’s so silly that it would be like him to repeat “hot tea” in that manner. However, as I was about to turn the fire on under the kettle, I saw in the corner of my eye that he was on one knee. When I finally darted my head in his direction he asked, “hot tea, will you marry me?”

“You’re proposing to me right now? Are you for real?” I remember stating several times before he put the ring on my finger.

It was the cutest most “us” proposal. It was simple, quirky, and private, which is all I could’ve asked for. Apparently the “hot tea” thing was improvised since he originally planned to propose at Spruce Street Harbor (thanks random, dude for your inappropriate comment nearly ruining a proposal), and because he was really nervous and couldn’t say the whole, “you mean the world to me” speech he originally wanted to say.

When took our first professional photos together

My husband and I’s first professional photoshoot together were our engagement photos. I’m sure that’s the case for many couples, though. We shot ours in Manayunk, an area we would frequent when we were dating for brunch and casual walks near the towpath. We actually wanted to shoot our engagement photographs at one of our favorite breakfast spots, but they close at 3pm, which meant that Starbucks was our next choice. I love Starbucks, though, so I definitely didn’t mind grabbing a cup of decaf coffee, while shooting photographs with my love.

We’re both big coffee buffs, so despite it not being our favorite brunch spot, the place still held some significance for us as we frequented that Starbucks a lot on our after-church brunch dates. It’s also one of the things I loved about these photos is that the coffee cups reflected us as a couple pretty accurately in that respect.

Also, Betsy was amazing! My husband and I are pretty awkward in front of the camera (something I am working on), but Betsy made us feel comfortable and encouraged us to be ourselves. She was so personable and gave clear direction to us,  which we really appreciated since we weren’t really familiar with which poses looked best.

Here’s some more shots of our engagement photos taken by Mountain Gap Photography!


Those are some of the many memorable moments we shared in our pre-marriage days. I’d love to hear from you!

What are some of your most memorable moments? 

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