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Can you believe that the longest day of the year has already come and gone?

Not that I’m complaining, but it’s so crazy to think how quickly 2017 is going.

As I continue to dress for the summer months, I’ve been thinking of ways to both clean up and update my closet. There are so many clothes I’ve owned that I haven’t worn for years yet they’re still somewhere, taking up space in my closet.

There’s shoes that need to be thrown out because the soles of them are worn (but I love them).

I have bags that are stretched beyond capacity after being forced to take the shape of different items that were probably way too large for it, such as my laptop.

In other words, I need to get rid of quite a few items and stop trying to hold onto everything so much.

As I begin the purging of the Kims’ closet, I’ve noticed that I don’t really wear a lot of bright colors. In fact, most of my wardrobe would look like something you’d see in a minimalist’s capsule closet with all of the greys and muted colors I own. While I love bright colors, one place I don’t love them is on me. As an introvert, it just doesn’t seem to reflect my personality very well and I think our fashion choices often are an extension of ourselves. We typically wear what we like and what we feel comfortable in.

However, lately, I’ve been venturing out of my comfort zone a bit and adding brighter colors to my wardrobe in ways that don’t necessarily include running out and grabbing cerulean pants and all the neon yellow shirts my heart could desire. It’s just not my thing and if that’s not you, either, I have some style hack suggestions for brightening up your wardrobe for the summer!


I love wearing grey. I feel like it’s such a flattering color on everyone and it’s so easy to accessorize with grey. You can pretty much pair it with anything and it’ll look good.

However, I know that in the summer, if I want to be cool that is, I have to stick to lighter greys. The reason being is depending on where you are in the world, it can be very hot in the summer. In the Philly area, specifically, we’ve had some very hot summers in the past where having the dark, brown hair that I have has left the top of my head feeling very hot during the warmest days.

Rather than donning black, I stick to lighter greys and lighter colors such as light grey, ivory, pastel pink, pastel blue, and other pastel colors.

While I sometimes break this rule to wear some shirts I absolutely love, I usually try to keep it light when heading out during the day.

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If you’re anything like myself, I don’t really like drawing a whole lot of attention to myself. Therefore, it’s rare that you’d catch me wearing a bright fuchsia top and yellow pants, although there are some people out there that can rock those colors like it’s nobody’s business.

Maybe I’m weird, but I get slightly overwhelmed by wearing super bright colors because I don’t feel it usually reflects my personality. Sure, I’ve been told I’m pretty bubbly, but I’m an introvert and most of my wardrobe tends to reflect that. However, lately, especially for these warmer months, I’ve been stepping outside of my comfort zone and leaning more towards things that have pops of color in them that appease both the introvert in me and the person that adores bright things.

Instead of going full blown flamingo, pair muted colors with bright pops of color. For example, one of my favorite ways to do this is with my jewelery, accessories, and/or shoes.

Wearing a white top? Add bright fuschia flats or heels to your outfit with a blush necklace.

Donning a grey shirt and feeling like you’re up for wearing something blue? Grab a royal blue, statement necklace with hints of neon yellow.

I find that doing this makes me feel like my outfit is summer time ready without being overwhelmed by it or feeling like it’s not me.

[huge_it_gallery id=”3″]

(images of me wearing bold lip colors during the summer)

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One of the other ways I’ve accomplished feeling like I’ve brightened my wardrobe for the summer months without necessarily adding a bunch of neon colors to my closet is through my makeup.

I may not be a makeup expert, but after spending quite a few years researching different techniques and playing around with them to my face (and my mom’s as I’ve done her makeup a couple of times for her), I’ve learned a thing or two about making bright colors work, regardless of your tone. Sometimes, it’s as simple as making sure you’re blending your colors in correctly.

One thing I’ve noticed that works for me is by having the brightest color either in the inner corner of my eye towards my nose or having a bright color line the bottom of my lash line. Apparently, that’s trending, too, so aye!

If you’re opting for a bolder lip color, I usually go for pinks that have blueish/purple undertones. For example, there’s a color from MAC that I used to wear a lot called “Rebel”  during the summer months. While this color can be easily worn by itself, I began pairing it with darker colors by placing the darker colors near the sides of my mouth for an ombre effect and blending it. It’s bold enough for me that I can wear it confidently with my favorite muted colors, but also not too bright that I feel like I look clownish.

Another super simple way to add color to your wardrobe for the summer is to get bright colors on your nails. I may not experiment much with my wardrobe when it comes to wearing super bright colors, but my nails I usually don’t mind – especially during the summer.

I’ve donned yellows, bright pinks, blues, yellow golds, and even bright pinks before on my nails. It’s the perfect way to add a pop of color without necessarily changing your entire closet for it!


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Well, those are my favorite summer style hacks for changing up your wardrobe for all my style introverts. What are some of your suggestions or favorite ways to brighten up your wardrobe?

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