The temptation to be something I’m not – especially as a blogger – is real.

I’ve felt the pressure to wear high heels all of the time just for the sake of taking photographs that make me look like some street style fashionista. To wear my hair in styles that are more palatable for the brands I try to reach out to.

I even feel the temptation to appear like I have it all together. To appear that nothing is ever wrong, that I never have any challenges in life, and that I never have moments where I struggle with this. No one wants to hear about how you’ve wrestled with your identity or struggled with your body image – right? They just want to see high-quality, Instagram-worthy photographs in exotic places.

That’s what gets the most likes – right?

But the truth is, that’s not me and that’s not the reality of my life.

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The reality is sometimes I wake up with giant pimples on either side of my face that almost look like I have dimple piercings.

The reality is, sometimes I wake up feeling anxious about the future and the uncertainty that lies ahead.

The reality is, sometimes I don’t feel very positive and optimistic. Sometimes, I’m actually quite the opposite and need reminders myself of God’s faithfulness and His hand in my life.

Sometimes, I still wrestle with body image and comparison. As much as I talk about body positivity and loving the skin you’re in, some days I have to be reminded of who God says I am also.

Sometimes, I just want to share a cute picture of my husband holding a baby and not feel compelled to take it down because it doesn’t have as many likes or because it doesn’t fit my Instagram feed theme.

Sometimes, I don’t want to share images and just want to write what’s weighing down my heart without feeling concerned about how someone else might misinterpret my intentions behind it.

Sometimes, friend, I’m honestly not okay.

It’s okay to admit that things are not perfect. To admit that you messed up on a photoshoot or had an embarrassing moment.

It’s okay to admit that you’re wrestling with sadness or anxiety or coping with grief.

It’s okay to not be okay, friend.

Admitting that you’re struggling with something does not make you weak. It actually takes a lot of courage to step out there and admit that you actually need prayer or that you’re going through a difficult time. You’d be surprised how many people might be able to relate to you.

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There’s someone I follow on Instagram, who is very candid about her struggles and her challenges with her illness. So many of her posts have been such blessings to me and so refreshing because they’re so raw. She’s so genuine about what she shares and isn’t concerned about being liked or being something that she’s not. She’s unapologetically raw about what she chooses to share and that’s so admirable to me.

There are plenty of other bloggers and people I follow on social media, who’s honesty I find to be very refreshing and sometimes even helpful to me as I’ve been experiencing similar things. Their transparency about their challenges and even blogger fails have both encouraged and inspired me without them even knowing it.

Similarly, your post about how you’ve struggling with being a confident blogger or comparison, could serve as encouragement for someone who might be going through the same thing.

As led, be honest about what you’re feeling and be you.

Be real to who you are.

Share content that is reflective of who you are as a person.

Write what you feel is reflective of you and your beliefs rather than feeling compelled to cater to what’s “in” or what’s popular. I know the struggle is real because I feel it, too, friend. Fight against it, remember why you started in the first place, and sharing things that are authentic to you.

If you aren’t a fashion blogger, don’t feel compelled to go around buying trendy trench coats, designer pants, and stiletto heels, if that’s not your thing.

If you aren’t someone who likes photography, don’t feel compelled to invest in a high quality camera, when there’s plenty of awesome websites selling (and even providing free) royalty-free stock photography.

This is not to be confused with the desire to improve your craft or grow as a writer. By all means, challenge yourself and try something new if that’s what you’re feeling led to do, but don’t feel pressured by society to change who you are for the sake of fitting in or feeling “cool.”

You are valued. You are loved. You have purpose.

People can smell authenticity from a mile away and it’s better to be who you are than to worry yourself trying to fit into a mold that you feel isn’t genuinely you.

There’s only one of you and you’ve been created with unique gifts and talents to contribute to the body of Christ and to the world. You have a unique purpose and unique calling that no one else can take from you.

Embrace that.

Embrace your imperfections knowing that in our weaknesses, God is glorified and is our strength.

Embrace and be honest about your challenges, because you never know who may be inspired or blessed by your testimony.

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