Can you believe it’s already October?

I feel like I say that about every month, but it’s crazy to think that it’s already almost the end of the year. It seems like this year has gone by in such a blur, honestly.

School is officially under way and it’s been an adjustment getting used to being the authority in the room as opposed to just another employee they see whenever they have questions about high school. I can’t say that I’ve fully adjusted to it.

I also apologize for my tardiness in responding to and approving comments. I have been SO busy with work and this weeks grades go in. I have so much grading, prep, and planning to do that I haven’t been checking my comments as much. I’m hoping to get caught up soon!

I did get to do some fall things, which I’m looking forward to sharing on the blog soon as well some other very fun posts!


Healthier eating habits: I feel like I say this often, but it’s still a goal of mine. It’s so tempting to restrict my diet simply because I want to lose weight and not actually seek to do it the healthy way. Sometimes, if I am being completely honest, I get really discouraged about how much “happy weight” I’ve gained since being married that I am so tempted to go on some harsh, unhealthy diet as an attempt to get back to my pre-marriage weight.

Rather than do this, I am going to try to drink a lot more water than I do and eat smaller meals.

Field trips: I’m planning some fun field trips for my students this month and next. While I probably won’t be able to share too many specifics about where and when, I’ll definitely disclose the details of our experiences on the newsletter (without student pictures)!

Fall scenic train rides: There are two train rides that my husband and I are hoping to do this month as the leaves are changing. I’m hoping to be able to and to be able to capture some pictures while doing so.

Photoshoots: One of my close friends is taking pictures of my husband and I for our anniversary shoot, which I’m really excited about it! I’m hoping I don’t look awkward in them, haha.


Worship Songs that I Can’t Get Enough Of: I love worship songs and I am always looking forward to hearing what other people’s suggestions for songs.

How to Let Go of Control: I loved this post by Megan! Truthfully, there isn’t a post that I don’t like from her blog. If you haven’t checked out any of her posts recently, you definitely should!

2 Ways to Wear a Casual White Dress: I usually don’t wear white dresses, but I loved the tips (and the outfit) in this post! It’s super helpful and has definitely inspired me to take the plunge and wear whites this fall!

The Man Behind the Camera: I loved this post from Christina! It was so cool getting to hear from her husband and learn more about his views on being an Instagram-husband. It was such a fun read!



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Happy fall!! ūüćĀūüćāūüĆĺ Can’t wait to do (and eat) all the fall things! #fall #itsfallyall

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I was tagged by @theadrianarenee and @tendrilwild to participate in the #insideselflove challenge! I love challenges like these, but I actually struggled with this. It’s so easy for me to celebrate others but more difficult for me to admit what I’m good at – especially since these are things I can’t take full credit for! What a great way to practice! 1. I am very empathetic which allows me to genuinely mourn when others mourn. It’s truly a heart that Christ has given me. 2. I am very creative and love expressing myself through writing. It’s one of the motivations behind why I blog. I love writing. ūüíĖ 3. I am a good cook- or so I’ve been told ūüėŹ What are some of the things that you love about yourself? To join in, share three things you love about yourself and tag ten people to do the same using the hashtag!

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What are you up to?

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