I’ve been wanting to share my philosophy of blogging, so to speak, on this space for a while. Call it busyness or procrastination, but it seems that every time I’ve sat down to finish this post, I could not do it. In many ways, writing is very personal for me and writing this post is no different. However, it’s probably one of my most asked questions – especially given the uniqueness of my name, so I figured I’d give it a go.

Why did you start blogging?

Before there was Chicken and Bliss, I owned about four blogs. Yes, this is not my first time in the blogging world, but this is my first time going public with my blog. My previous blogs existed for my use only and to serve as a private space for me to vent and express myself creatively.

It started in high school around my sophomore year.

I wasn’t the most popular girl in class. In fact, I was probably one of the quietest. I didn’t talk much in school, kept my head in the books most times, and didn’t have a boyfriend at all during school. I didn’t hang out with friends outside of school hours and spent most of time my in my room writing fan-fiction. When I wasn’t writing to a group of online readers, I was reading. This admiration for literature and creative writing led me to do what was probably inevitable – I created a blog.

Adorned with cheesy, distracting backgrounds, Hello Kitty cursors, and my favorite colors, I hit publish on my first post and have been blogging on-and-off ever since.

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I’d frequently share vague posts about my high school crushes. Think old school Taylor Swift except without the melodies and cryptic codes in my titles. However, quite a few of my posts detailed the sadness I was struggling with and how I often felt misunderstood by my peers. I felt very insecure about my weight, my skin complexion, and as if I did not fit in. Therefore, my blog was the only place that I didn’t have to worry about that. I could be my silly self without judgement because no one was reading it. It was a place where I could fully be my teenage angsty self without having to worry about modifying or changing myself. It was a super cringey blog, but it was also super therapeutic.

It was my space to write my thoughts as if I was writing to a close friend.

After that I started a poetry blog where I shared my unfiltered, unedited poems. Once I stopped blogging on those spaces, I created two WordPress blogs – one where I wrote short stories and the other serving as yet another space for me to express my thoughts. No one read it those posts and I was fully aware of that. In fact, I liked that. It was like my own online diary where I could process my emotions, insecurities, doubts, and yes, crushes.

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In short, I started blogging because it was an outlet for me. It was a space where I didn’t have to refrain from sharing my thoughts unless I chose to. It was a place where I could share how I was feeling, what I was afraid of, what concerned me, and even what excited me without worrying about who would read it and what they would think. I could share my truth anonymously – something I didn’t quite feel ready to do in public yet.

Why did you create Chicken and Bliss?

When I decided to create Chicken and Bliss, it came out of a desire of wanting to create a blog that focused on the positive things in life – even when times were rough. I wanted to encourage others, through my own experiences and tips, to focus on the bright spots in the dark times in life.

However, what started as a “yay, let me be 100% positive blog” turned more into a desire to inform and encourage. After interacting with people, getting to speak with awesome readers, I found that I grew a love for encouraging others through my writing. It’s always been a passion of mine to help others and to encourage young women. As a result, my writing on this space has been reflective of those desires.

For example, the main motivation for me starting the “girl chat” series on the blog was so I could have those raw conversations about things like body image, relationships, self-care, and a slew of other things in hopes of encouraging young women to be who God called them to be.

I want other women to know that they are not alone in their struggles. I want young girls to know that there is hope even in some of their darkest moments. I want young girls to see their inner beauty and to really believe that about themselves.

While I still share about tips, how-to’s and fashion finds because they are reflective of things I enjoy and think you would as well, I really try to make it a point to provide space to discuss some of the difficult topics in hopes of encouraging others.

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Honestly, why I started Chicken and Bliss does not have the exact same mission as why I’ve continued it and invested in it. As much as I wrestled with that, feeling like I was straying away from my original purpose for the blog, I’m learning that that’s okay.

As life changes, we’ll all change and so will things about my blog.

This time last year I wasn’t teaching a bunch of excited 5th and 6th graders, but this year I am.

This time last year, I was planning a wedding and prepping for my brother’s and now we’re approaching our one year anniversaries.

Originally, I wrote a lot about singleness. Now, I write often about what marriage is teaching me. One day, if I am called to have children, I may include posts about motherhood.

As life changes and the Lord shares new things with me, I desire to share them with you in hopes of encouraging you.

However, the reason why I blog is still the same – I seek to encourage. Whether it be through me telling a story of what a failed lesson taught me about relying on Jesus, how God has been working on my insecurities, or a cool self-care idea I found or tried that I wanted to share with you, the purpose behind it is the same.

I want to share things with you as I would share with a close friend over a cup of coffee. I want to both listen to some of the things that concern you and share some of the things I’ve been learning in this life.

Similarly to when I was an angsty teen, I am sharing my heart with you – except this time with the purpose of encouraging those of you who may be walking through something similar.

Similarly to when I was in high school, I am sharing my favorite finds with you, except this time it’s because it’s something I love and think that you would, too.

I am still sharing my heart, my thoughts and experiences, but this time I am sharing it with you in hopes of encouraging you as well.

Are you a blogger? If so, why do you blog?

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