Disclaimer: I was contacted by World Vision and received a few items from their catalog in exchange for a review of their newest holiday bundle. Although I received product compensation for this post, all thoughts and opinions are completely my own. I am really excited to share this with you, today!

One of the many things that drew me to education field was getting an opportunity to impact the lives of today’s youth. Although cliche’, it is very true that children are the future and that we should be encouraging them, teaching them, and empowering them to make the right decisions.

This is why when I was initially contacted by World Vision and sent this beautiful bundle of items, I was thrilled! Our church actually sponsors a couple of children through World Vision, so I’m already very familiar with the organization and it’s work. However, I was actually never aware that they had a catalog where you can purchase items that help support those in need. That means that when you purchase items from this catalog, the money received goes to help those who are in dire need of things that we sometimes take for granted!

Although Christmas is officially over, I think this would be a great way to give back during this time of year where we’ve received so much. For those of you looking for ways to help those who are in need this time of year, here are some ways that you can give back with the help of World Vision.

Purchase an item from their Gift Catalog: Did you know that through World Vision you can actually purchase items for those in need? For example, you can purchase ducks for someone who needs it in another country and you can purchase necessities for children who need it in the United States. You could even purchase a package that helps provide counseling and assistance for girls who have been sexually exploited, which is something that I am super passionate about. It’s really nice being able to give knowing that your money is going directly where you intend it to.

Sponsor a child: As I previously mentioned, our church sponsors a couple of children through World Vision and it’s really awesome. They send you a small booklet that includes your child’s name, their age, their birthday, and even what they like to do! It also includes a video and a short biography telling you about the child’s life story. If you would like to sponsor a child who shares the same birthday as you or someone special in your life, you can search up things like birthdates and age.

For $39, you ultimately provide the child with instruction on the prevention and treatment of HIV and AIDS, physical and healthcare, spiritual guidance, and more. It’s a really nice way to give back and to be able to see how your donations have helped enhance the life of someone else.

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Donate to Where It’s Most Needed: If you donate directly to the “Where It’s Most Needed” campaign, you get the opportunity to choose something from a list of about 25 items that you can keep for yourself or give to someone else. It’s a great keepsake because that item that you receive is a reminder of the impact that you’re making on someone’s life when you donate. In fact, some of those items that are on this list are the ones I’ve received. I’ll be the first to tell you that these photographs truly don’t do it justice. They’re beautifully made and can make a great gift either to yourself or to a loved one.

Although it’s hard to choose, I think my favorite item would have to be the bracelet, which was designed by Patricia Heaton. Yes, the Emmy-award winning, Patricia Heaton. How cool is that? It’s so beautifully made and it’s gold, which is my favorite metal to wear!

However, this is one of the many items you can receive when you donate to their campaign. For example, in donating to the campaign you can receive organic coffee, a Vietnamese tote, an African soapstone box, or even an item of jewelry of your choice. They’re all gorgeously crafted!

This means that with your donation to those you need immediate care and assistance, you are helping with the following things:

  • Clean, safe water
  • Access to healthcare
  • Job skills training
  • Educational opportunities for children
  • Agricultural training and food
  • Emergency assistance following disasters
  • Protection for children vulnerable to exploitation

I know that Christmas is over, but I believe that giving doesn’t have to begin and end on Christmas Day. Even if we’re not physically buying a loved one a gift, we can truly impact the life of someone else. I am so thankful for all God has done for me and I look forward to spreading my thankfulness my helping enhance the lives of others!

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What’s your favorite way to give back during the holiday season?

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