Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored and I received no compensation from AirBnB to share this post. I just really enjoyed our first time staying in one and wanted to share some of our experience with you!

We stayed in our first AirBnB for our anniversary trip and I honestly couldn’t wait to share the space with you! When I first saw the listing on AirBnB, I immediately fell in love with it. It was quirky, creative, inexpensive, and very close to where my husband and I were hoping to explore. It was perfect and I am so excited to share our experience staying in one with you on the blog, today.



When you first walk in, one thing you recognize instantly is the decor of this space. It was nautical and inspired by the location of our unit, which was in the sandy town of Provincetown, which is located in Cape Code, Massachusetts. It had accents of bright colors to complement the beachy hues. It had these gorgeous, white curtains that when opened gave you a peek into the outside patio where you could sit and enjoy a cup of coffee or tea.

There were chandeliers that added a nice rustic touch to the otherwise nautical space.

There was a table where you could sit and look outside to the front of the unit.

There was also a loft that was only accessible by a ladder,  which made it have sort of a tiny-house feel to it.

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Speaking of the loft, I initially thought I would be able to handle it because it didn’t appear to be that high up in the pictures. However, my husband and I ended up sleeping on the pull out bed because I freaked out the first time I made it up to the top of the loft and realized I had to get down the same way I got up. I am too clumsy for ladders and all I kept thinking about was me falling over 5 feet to the floor below.

It’s a cool touch, but I was very grateful that I didn’t have to sleep there and that there were other sleeping arrangements available.

It’s also one of the reasons why I don’t have any pictures of the actual loft bed. It’s a very nicely decorated area as well, but I couldn’t gather up the courage going up there again to snap pictures of it, so I just snapped some from the safety of below.


One of the reasons why people typically stay in home-stays such as AirBnB is because they want to experience the place they’re visiting as a local. They want to stay in apartment complexes with people who live there throughout the year. They want to experience the food with recommendations from locals. However, for any traveler, it is important to have some amenities that help to make your time there a bit more comfortable.

One of the things we loved about this unit was the amenities.

Unlike many hotels we’ve stayed in together, there was a functioning kitchen where we could both cook, heat up food, freeze and refrigerate leftover food.

There was an Energy Star heating system that allowed us to stay harm, but also stay green.

There were towels, washcloths, shampoos, coffee maker, cups, plates, soaps, a hair dryer, sunscreen, beach chairs, and a grill provided to us by our hosts to use as we wished.

Our unit came equipped with digital cable, so we could watch all of our television shows even though we weren’t home. Not to mention, there was free Wi-Fi.

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Pardon our giant water jug 😛


Overall, I would definitely recommend you try a home-stay service. Whether it’s AirBnB, HomeAway or some other similar service, it’s such a nice opportunity to experience a city in a way that you haven’t before.

While my husband and I were still your stereotypical tourists when we explored the city, it was nice being able to live amongst locals who lived in the area and receive tips for where to go and what to do from our hosts.


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