Self care is beyond just a buzzword that is said in haste or at least it shouldn’t be. Self-care is important because we’re only given one body and we should do our best to take care of it as best as we can.

This is why for me, I want to make intentional self-care a lifestyle and one that I continue even when circumstances change.

I find that I am more irritable and tired when I am not properly taking care of myself or nurturing myself, spiritually. I am more drained when I am not listening to what I am being led to do and what my body is communicating to me. Today, I am going to share with you some of the ways that our bodies communicate our need for self-care and share with you a fun, little resource I have been working on for a while.

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I know, I know. Maybe it’s the lack of coffee or the fact that you went to bed late, but sometimes our bodies are tired for other reasons such as dehydration, your diet, and the lack of quality sleep. For example, as a teacher I don’t drink nearly as much water as I should and instead I run on coffee and Jesus – literally. If someone were to do an examination of my body and share it with the world, I wouldn’t be surprised if I am 50% full of coffee.

Although I joke about it, I have realized that the amount of coffee I drink versus the amount of water I should be drinking is very unhealthy. There’s nothing wrong with drinking coffee, but if I am not drinking enough water, I am not truly nourishing my body. Self-care isn’t limited to just spa days or time off, but it also consists of making sure we’re taking care of our bodies.



For ladies who have similar PMS symptoms, you may think that perhaps the fact that you’re more irritable than normal has more to do with Aunt Flo being on her way than it does with self-care. However, sometimes it is our body communicating to us that we need a break.

For example, this week I was very short on patience and it showed. However, I’ve been under a lot of stress, lately and it’s showed by how irritable I’ve been. If you’ve noticed that you’ve been more snappier than usual or struggling to hold back your tongue, maybe you need to a personal health day where you are nurturing yourself spiritually and physically. Sometimes when we’re short on patience, it’s because we aren’t being poured into or we’re feeling very stressed.


I don’t know about you, but my body craves junk food when I’m stressed. It’s bad. I want all the chocolate when I’m feeling overwhelmed and drained – especially as an educator.

What I’ve learned over time is that through this my body is communicating to me that I am overwhelmed and need to take some time to pray, rest, and take a break. Maybe like me, there aren’t opportunities to take days off because of how difficult it is to do as a teacher. I would recommend drawing a bath, grabbing your favorite book, lighting some candles and essentially spending time doing nothing to but taking care of you for an hour or so. I’ve started taking more baths and I’ve found it to be a really nice way to take care of myself during times when there isn’t much time to do so.


One clear way to me that I am not taking care of myself well is the amount of times I get sick. Granted, I am educator and as a teacher, classrooms are almost like a cesspool of germs because of how many people there are in such a small space. However, in my experiences of working at schools, I am only really sick back-to-back as I was this past year when I am not taking care of myself.

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When I was in college, my mother used to send me care packages, periodically.

I remember one package in particular she sent me during the fall around the time of Halloween. Although my mom most likely sent me those items because she missed me, she also did it to encourage me to take care of myself. In fact, one thing my mom would always tell me (and still does, today) is that I need to take care of my physical and spiritual health first.

As with many of the things my mother has told me growing up, this has stuck with me and has led me to want to encourage you to take care of yourself as well.

Similarly to the care packages students often receive in college, I am sending you a virtual one titled, Intentional Self-Care Package.

While you may not find candy in this package (although, I wish I could send you candy), you will find printables and a worksheet that encourages you to take care of your spiritual, physical and emotional health.

I may send these more often and update them as I feel led, but I hope that this resource is helpful for you! Please feel free to let me know how you’ve been using it! I’d love to hold you accountable!


What are some ways that your body communicates your need for self-care?

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