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It’s hard to believe that June is literally around the corner and the season of graduations are nigh. The nights spent trying to cram for finals and cry over unfinished essays is almost over! It’s an exciting time as we celebrate our loved ones’ academic achievements and support them in their journeys afterwards.

Let the parties begin!

Speaking of parties, if you or a close loved one is graduating and you’re knee-deep in the middle of planning the party, after sending out the grad party invitations, it’s important to have thank you cards. It’s a small gesture that lets your guest know that you appreciated them being there and celebrating your achievements with you. In fact, I’d go on to say that thank you cards are a MUST for any party or gathering.

If you’re wondering how to approach thank you cards and even what to write in them, I have some tips in today’s post that will be sure to help you!


I saw this done at a recent bridal shower I went to and I honestly wish I would’ve done this. It’s so smart and saves time that you would have otherwise spent trying to open up your address book or contact people who attended to get it from them. Have a station, perhaps near your guest book or gift table, where you invite guests to write their name and address on envelopes. That way all you have to do is put your return address, stamp it, and you’re done!


I’m sure this is something that most people do, but I know it was very helpful for me. Sometimes at graduation parties you can get so many gifts that it’s hard to keep track of who gave you what and when. However, if you keep a running list of who brought what as you’re opening it, it’s easier to do the next tip that will be helpful as you write your cards.


I’m not sure if this is a “must do” but to me it definitely shows that you genuinely appreciated the gift and acknowledged that they got it for you. Whether it’s a gift card or new bedspreads for college, it’s not cheap getting gifts for people. It feels more personal when instead of just sending a generic “thank you for coming and for the gift,” you acknowledge what they got for you. I would recommend even including a fun little note briefly sharing how you hope to use it, if you decide to. For example, for a family member’s baby’s birthday, we got her a cute stuffed animal and in the thank you card, her mother mentioned that she really loves it and holds it often. It’s not necessary, but it does make your guests feel special!


I guess this goes without saying, but handwritten cards are so much more personal than ones that are previously typed. It also shows that you took the effort to write the card as opposed to just printing off one you’ve created online.


Buying your thank you cards in advance can save so much time and stress as you get closer to the celebration. It also provides you with time to look so that you find the thank you cards that are most aligned with the theme and colors of the party.

If you’re looking for something custom graduation cards that are easy to ship, I would recommend Basic Invite. They have foil cards and over 40 different colors of envelopes! Not only does this website have super cute designs, but they also have options where you can order 1 card or even 100 cards. I prefer that over other sites because sometimes you don’t need to purchase a pack of 100 thank you cards if you’re only inviting thirty people. It’s nice to have that option to choose rather than be forced to buy a bunch of cards you won’t even use.

I will be using Basic Invite for an upcoming surprise party that I am planning and I cannot wait to share it with you!

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What about you, friend? What are some tips that you have for writing thank you cards? What’s the kindest thank you card you have ever received?

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