We’re still working on the other rooms in the house, but I am so excited to share those spaces with you and to do some more work on them as we complete them. One of the rooms we’re revealing to you today is our kitchen.

Honestly, our kitchen was probably the easiest thing to work on because there wasn’t much that needed to be done. Aside from a few spackled walls that needed to be painted over, the majority of our kitchen “reno” was just decor to make it feel more like ours.

I debated changing the walls to a lighter grey that didn’t have a blue hue to it, but it honestly grew on me as it was so nicely done and really adds character to the kitchen so it doesn’t look so grey.

Either way, we’re excited to share one of our favorite rooms in the house with you!


The kitchen was one of the major selling points for us because it was so nicely done. The island is a different color than the counter-top near the stove, but it works and doesn’t look tacky in my opinion. Maybe that’s just me, but it didn’t really bother me as I thought they complimented it nicely.

Not to mention, this kitchen has a LOT of storage, which I love. We have triple the amount of cabinets we had in our apartment, which while I adored, we began to outgrow after almost two years of living in it.

Inside the cabinets, I decided to add some additional shelving after realizing that some of the ways that people organize their cabinets is by putting shelves within them. That way instead of trying to fit all my mugs in one shelf, I can put a shelf rack in-between and stack them there. There’s even cabinet storage shelves for plates! I like that it keeps things organized and ensures that there’s a place for everything.


This part of our kitchen is still being developed because I honestly don’t think there’s much that needs to be added to it. We’ve mainly focused on making it our own by adding little quirky things to it. I think we may add some things as time goes on, but I honestly don’t want to fill up the walls too much. I think the simplicity is growing on me, but if I find something that we both think would be a good addition to our wall decor, we’ll add it. As of right now, we added a chalkboard picture frame, which was a bridal shower gift from one of my close friends and a beautiful piece of wooden wall art from Hobby Lobby. We even got it on sale because Hobby Lobby was having a 50% sale on all of their wood products.


The coffee brewer we brought is seriously my favorite thing in the house, now. We’ll one of them, anyway.

It allows us to make so many different types of coffee drinks, which for the self-proclaimed coffee-aficionado in me, that’s a big deal and a money saver. I was able to get it on sale, use a coupon that I had and a gift-card that was leftover from our wedding in 2016! It’s an investment, but I think we’re going to save a lot of money using it.

That’s our space, for now! We may add some little things here and there that we’ll share on the blog at a later date, but for now we’re content and in love with our new kitchen.

If you could design your dream kitchen, what would you have in it?

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