When we often think of the fall season, we think of the pumpkins, the changing colors of the leaves, the pumpkin-spiced flavored goodies and all of the things we tend to love about it. However, I wonder how often we really sit and think about what the changing of the seasons signify and what it often means for us.

During the fall, while we’re gaining all of the wonderful things I listed above, we’re also losing or sacrificing some things in return. 

We gain pretty colors to the photographs we share on social media, but we lose leaves. 

We get weather that isn’t so humid and hot, but we lose daylight due to daylight’s savings time. 

We get an extra hour of sleep, but we lose time in the day. 

Seasonal transitions are the perfect example of change and the dichotomy of joy and grief. 

That it’s possible to feel grieved, but to also feel joy. It’s possible to rejoice in the changing colors, the seasonal flavors, the extra hour of sleep and yet grieve the loss of time.  

I didn’t share this on the blog, but a couple of months ago I loss one of my cousins, who wasn’t that much older than my brother and I. It came as such a shock to all of us and yet that same day, I was already scheduled to hang out with two dear friends of mine who I hadn’t seen for a little over a month. Around the same time, I started a new job and decided that I would look into switching gyms. Simultaneously while I was being brought with the reminder of what grief feels like, I was enveloped in joy and excitement due to the idea of me pursuing my dreams.

It’s perfectly normal to feel both and I believe that fall reminds us of that. We can grieve and long, but we can also feel joy at the same time knowing that great things around us are happening. 

We can feel saddened, but also feel peace living in the moments around us. 

As we get closer to the first official day of fall, let’s remember that it’s okay to feel both excited about the changing leaves and yet grieved by the loss of leaves. 

Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning

PSALM 30:5

What’s something that fall reminds you of?

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