How is September already pretty much over? HOW, SWAY?

I cannot believe it’s already almost October! Where has this year gone? It’s just yet another reminder of the fact that time is fleeting and I have to cherish each moment. There’s been a few things I’ve loved this past month that I’m excited to share with you in this post!

Clothes I’ve Loved

OFF Gap Sweater: I’m really trying hard not to purchase things as I have some health goals I’m working towards and don’t really want to spend money on a new wardrobe just yet. However, I LOVE this sweater and couldn’t resist picking it up because it was on sale! It’s simple, but can be layered with a flannel underneath or worn cozy and by itself. If I happen to reach my health goals, I still imagine myself wearing this.

Striped shirts: I had a striped sweater that I wore so often from H&M that it’s too worn to wear anymore. It makes me a little bummed since that was one of my favorite sweaters to wear, but definitely gives me a reason to look for new ones. I love striped shirts and sweaters and how nice they look paired with pants, jeans, and even skirts. Speaking of, I purchased this one from Old Navy and I love it! It looks really nice layered under jackets or alone. 

This plaid shirt from Old Navy: In preparation for fall and all of the wonderful layering, I brought this plaid, green and blue shirt to go under some of my crewneck sweaters. I’m so excited to wear this paired with my suede loafers. 

Heather Sherpa pullover sweater: I love pullovers like these because they’re so comfortable for the fall season. This one from Marley Lily is grey with a hint of navy and is one that immediately caught my eye when I spotted it. Looking forward to wearing it with shirts underneath!

Monogrammed plaid loafers: Remember when I mentioned how I was starting to really take a liking for monogrammed things? Well, I finally treated myself to a pair of monogrammed loafers just in time for the fall season. I wasn’t going to get them initially, but I got them on a sale for a good price and coincidentally, a pair of shoes I wear often to work got a large hole on them, so I needed a pair. The ONLY thing I’m kind of bummed about is they fit tight, despite getting my size. Monogrammed items can’t be returned, so it kind of sucks. Hopefully it’s just because our feet swell slightly in the summer!

Plaid shirt with a tie from Forever21: Speaking of blouses with bows, this top from Forever21 was too cute to pass up! I like that I can wear it with a skirt to dress it up or dress it down with a pair of jeans. I also brought another one in white, which I’m excited to wear.

This sweater with a bow: I love this sweater from J.Crew Factory and it’s taking everything in me to not purchase this since currently it’s on sale for half the original price. I told myself since I recently treated myself to new clothes that I wouldn’t get anything else for a while. This is definitely on my wish-list, though!

Products I’ve Loved

Comforter and Sheet Sets: One of my favorite things recently is being able to pick up comforter sets. Perhaps, I’m finally adulting, but it makes things so much easier when I can pick up a set instead of having to match items. 

Craft Pumpkins: I’m debating on purchasing real pumpkins (because of the novelty of going to the pumpkin patch as a family to pick one) or buying a craft one. The plus of buying a craft one is I could use the same pumpkin every year for decor, so I’m leaning more heavily towards that. 

The Harvest Collection at Big Lots: I’ve seen Big Lots stores, but it’s been ages since I’ve stepped in one. It seems that I have been missing a lot because their fall, Harvest Collection is gorgeous! I want to stick to neutral fall colors for the inside of our house and their collection is basically the pale green, neutral color schemes I am going for with decor for this year. 

Things I’ve Loved

Peanut Butter: I’ve always loved peanut butter, but I really loved it this month for the simple fact that it tastes amazing and blends well with the smoothies I’ve been making a lot of, recently.

American Vandal on Netflix: This was an unexpectedly funny mockumentary. I didn’t expect it to be like this. Warning though for those of you who also don’t like shows with a whole lot of cursing, it has a lot and also requires a strong stomach. I don’t know what else to say that won’t give away the plot.

My church: I’ve always loved my church, but this month our pastor has been led to share some really challenging, convicting messages that can be difficult for us to hear. It’s so clear that our pastors are led by the Spirit and I was very encouraged by the fact that they’re both willing to share whatever is biblical and whatever Christ is leading them to share instead of ear-tickling messages.

Spending time with family: Between taking Korean classes every Saturday and getting to see my nephew twice this month, my heart is full. Add that to the fact that I’ve been able to spend quality time with family and it’s really been a happy time, despite the grief we’ve experienced with the news of Reese. It has been a real gift. 

Up and Vanished Podcast: My husband and I listened to the first one, which I think we finished in about two weeks since we heard it after it was finished. It’s pretty cool getting to listen to this one as new episodes are coming out. 

Netflix: I feel like my husband and I watch this more than we watch cable. 

Lyft: I take public transportation often and it’s super nice to have that as an option on the days where the bus isn’t running or I missed the a bus that only runs every forty five minutes. Shoutout to rider-share apps, saving me from getting soaked on more than one occasion. 

The Spinach Dip Mac & Cheese from MacMart: If you live or work in the Philly area, you have to try MacMart. If you’re not vegan that is. I got the Spinach and Artichoke dip Mac and Cheese and it was everything I imagined it would taste like. It also comes in a reusable container, which I think is very cool. I will definitely be ordering from there, again. 

Hummus: I’ve loved hummus since I tried it in college, but lately I’ve been really on a hummus kick. It also didn’t help that since I got my wisdom tooth removed, it’s was one of the only things I can open my mouth wide enough to eat.

Links I’ve Loved

Abigail’s Instagram page: It’s so beautifully curated!

NLT was a group that never officially debuted, but had one or two singles that they’re recognized for. In fact, one of the members was Artie on Glee and has an amazing voice. While they weren’t a group long enough for me to really get into them, I loved their songs (released and unreleased) and recently started listening to them again after taking my husband down memory lane of songs I used to listen to.

Speaking of NLT, this song and this song used to be my jam, but also aren’t on Itunes or anything since they were never officially released (hence the random insert of “black and beats vibes, baby”). I heard that’s why they broke up was because their songs were getting released illegally. It’s such a shame because they were so talented. The harmonies on these songs are great, though!

This entire blog. I love her posts and her style!

I loved the book, the Netflix movie, and I’ve loved this post by Megan on her blog. She truly has a gift with words and I always find her posts refreshingly honest. 

True story, one of our bedroom walls is very similar to this shade of blue and I have been working on trying to not only touch up the spots I messed up on, but style it well. I love the way she styled her space and her sheets look very similar to the ones we actually have on our bed. If I could describe what our ideal bedroom would be, it would look something like this

Speaking of, this post from Abby as well is one I really liked. We’re hoping to go to Rhode Island in the future and I’d love to frolic in a row of peonies while we’re there!

I’ve been in love with Delish’s YouTube Channel, lately – especially their Celebrity Snackdown series! Definitely getting a few ideas from there for dishes I’d like to try.

I love Shane Dawson’s videos – especially the documentaries he’s been releasing lately. I feel they’re very well done and you can tell he puts a lot of time and effort into them. Strangely looking forward to this one, featuring a YouTuber my middle school students were into.