There were so many ideas I had for decor this year – including having our current living room pillows that came with our sofa set replaced with fall themed ones. In theory it would’ve been super cute to change them all, but it would’ve cost way too much right now for me to only have them up until December. 

I had to spend some time to take a breath and realize that my home doesn’t have to be Pinterest-worthy and even if I have a certain decor scheme in mind, that doesn’t have to happen overnight or even this year. Besides, about half of our house is still in the process of being unpacked, so there’s really only the main rooms that we focused on regarding decor.

So for this year’s decor, I kept it very minimal and simple. We have a couple of weddings and events coming up that our money is going to so as much as I wanted to splurge, I decided to keep it simple and have little accents here and there.

Many of the items I purchased from the dollar store, but a few were purchased from the grocery, pumpkin patches, Target, and from our fall wedding a few years ago.


On the table and stove

For the kitchen I focused a lot on table-top accents.

The bouquet was actually made of the faux florals that I had leftover from the wedding and a tin vase that my mom let me have.

The faux potted plants are from my old apartment that I purchased from Target. I added a couple of pumpkins from our wedding and a couple of plush ones I found online as well as the dish towel I brought from the Target dollar spot. Full disclosure, this towel is 100% for decoration. In my opinion it’s too cute to be used to dry dishes, so we actually have a separate dish towel that we’re using to dry our dishes. Yes, I’m extra.

The pumpkins are a mix of Target dollar spot and Dollar Tree.


On the couch

For the living room, my favorite purchase was this little tray that I found in the Target dollar spot. I figured it would make a great remote tray and for the fall would look nice with some pumpkins in them.

TV Stand and Other Surfaces

Our TV stand is one that used to belong to my mother that she gave me for my first apartment a few years back. It’s tiny and eventually we plan on getting a newer one, but I like it because it’s simple and does the job. We don’t have nor need a really large television, so for us we haven’t felt the need to get a new entertainment stand. Maybe one day! However, to make it appropriate for the fall season, I added a faux leaf garland and put a couple of pumpkins on either side of it. Both items are from the Dollar Tree and the pumpkins were from my wedding.

The bookshelf and night stand are actually both from our apartment. The bookshelf was one that I owned from my first apartment by myself and the night stand was a gift from my mother who gave it to me from my parent’s house. It was supposed to go in the bedroom, but I kind of liked having an end table for us to light candles. It also currently holds our phone that we don’t use and our Google Home mini that we got from one of my best friends for Christmas last year!

On the floor

I got these pumpkins from Home Goods for under $30! I wish I could remember the exact price tag since I believe when I grabbed them were on sale, but I’m so glad I purchased them because they look so nice with my indoor decor. I don’t think they’re meant to be placed outside due to the chalk paint it appears that was used to design them, but I could be wrong.

The pumpkins to the left are pumpkins I purchased at Target this year (the white one) and the ones leftover from our wedding from last year.

On the wall

For the wall there were actually nails left over from when the former owner had a large frame hanging there. I have been pondering for months what to do with it, so I decided to create a little tiny gallery wall of my own. It’s not quite where I want it, but I like the idea of being able to swap prints or photographs when I want to for each season.

The Pennsylvania and Delaware prints were prints I got from our apartment not too long after we got married. I figured it be a nice way to celebrate our time of two people from two states coming together as well as a nice ode to our home states.

This fall print is actually the one that I made about a month ago and featured in this post! My image didn’t come out gold because I didn’t realize until I printed it out on photo paper that I was running out of ink. I didn’t remove it because or reprint it because I liked the gradient look and felt it matched my decor. However, the one I made is fall foil and would look really nice in any home or office! You can receive this print for free by signing up to receive new posts to your inbox!

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We have a row home, so similarly to the inside of the home I wanted to keep things simple. I especially wanted to keep the outside simple because being that it’s a row home, it can quickly look cluttered if I add too many items to it.

Instead I swapped out our floral outdoor pillows for fall-ish ones, potted some mums from the grocery store, and added some pumpkins we picked up from A.C Moore on sale. I was going to grab some from the pumpkin patch, but when we went there were so few pumpkins at the orchard that we came and left. I was a bit bummed because we drove all the way out to Maryland to grab some, but maybe it was better because now I have pumpkins I can put out every year (assuming they don’t blow away).

I think my favorite part of our outdoor decor overall would have to be the wreath. The wreath was one that I picked up, I don’t even remember from where because I’ve had it for a couple of years. It was probably Target, Ross, or Home Goods, but it’s been something I’ve held onto since my first apartment by myself. To customize it for the fall, I added orange pumpkin clips from the Dollar Tree that can easily be removed once the season is over. I love it and it’s one of my favorite focal points, now.

I don’t have pictures of the outside from far away because I don’t want to accidentally snap some identifying information about our home address. Plus, our neighbor’s door isn’t too far from us and I wouldn’t want to accidentally snap the front of their home either. However, the little details you see here are pretty much the gist of our outdoor fall decor for this year – simple and easy for my husband to mow around.

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Do you decorate for fall? If so, what’s your favorite addition to your fall decor this year?