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I think there’s a myth that in order to follow Jesus and give your life to Him, that you have to have it all together. It’s the same mentality we share in other areas of my life.

“Once I get this job, I’ll be able to get this car.”

“Once I make X amount of money, then I’ll be ready to take this step.”

However, when it comes to Jesus, He will meet you where you are as long as you’re willing. If you’ve already decided to give your life to the Lord, He can work with the messiness of your past and even the current messes in your life. God is more than willing to roll up His sleeves and get His hands dirty if it means redeeming and reconciling you back to Himself.

He loves you and did what He did on the cross, so that He could be close to you. Don’t think for a minute that your past is too ugly or too messy for God because He willingly went to the cross to be crucified with your sins in mind. Your past, yes even the ugly parts of your past that you’re too embarrassed to share with other people, God knows and He still loves you. He’s still drawing you closer to Him, pursuing you and waiting for the day for you to surrender your life over to Him. Despite our pasts, He will still rejoice when we repent and return to Him.

As I shared on Instagram, we’re all imperfect people serving a perfect God.

How humbling it is to know that despite that, despite our ugliness, our mess, our struggles, God sees all that and will still rejoice over you with singing when you repent and return to your first love: Him.
If your past is making you feel like it’s too big for Him, remember that Christ conquered death, which means He is more than capable of handling our ugliness, our mess, our anxieties and transforming them into something beautiful.