I’m not sure if many of you know this about me, but I love finding nice things for inexpensive prices. I used to be way more impulsive when it comes to shopping and purchasing things simply because I liked them. In fact, there are many purchases that I’ve made in my past that I still feel like slapping myself in the head for because I have no idea what compelled me to think purchasing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle candy maker and mold with mix inside from the 90’s.

Yes, I really purchased it, knowing that I would never be able to eat it.


Now that I am older and have a deeper understanding of how these smaller, unnecessary purchases add up, I’ve decided to try to become more considerate of the things that I purchase. I’ve also realized there are so many things that I can purchase to either achieve the same look by doing it yourself and great deals I’ve caught by waiting for an item to go on sale somewhere else.

In lieu of that, I thought I would share some of my recent finds that I’ve either purchased or would love to purchase with all of you. 

Recently, I’ve been all over Etsy. As I continue planning the wedding and looking for gifts to give people, I have found that although many of things on Etsy are handmade (and therefore sometimes pricey), there are some gems on Etsy where you can find prints, decor, and even furniture for a somewhat reasonable price. As an extension of my love for this site and all of the creative things I’ve seen while browsing it, I thought I would show you some of the cool things I’m purchasing, considering purchasing, or would love to purchase if my budget permitted that are trendy, cute, and reasonably priced.


“You’re in my Spot” Sheldon pillow on Etsy: Now, my fiance LOVES The Big Bang Theory. While I am not planning on purchasing this pillow anytime soon, if I were to purchase it, it would be because I know my fiance would absolutely enjoy it. It’s a pillow cover, but it’s handmade and super quirky!


20 Beautiful and Unique Succulents: Twenty succulents for 24.99? Say what? Call me crazy, but I don’t think that’s much at all considering I spent half that on one of my living succulents. I am definitely considering purchasing these for my wedding in November because I absolutely love them.


Mrs. T-Shirt: How adorable is this shirt? For anyone getting married or who is married, I feel this is such a cute shirt to have. I am definitely considering purchasing this for myself and some other people that I know that are getting married.


“I Have Decided to Follow Jesus” Print: I love prints and can’t wait to have various ones around the home we’re building together. Here’s one of my favorite ones, currently!


Cat Sunglasses T-Shirt: Because cats are cool and skateboarding cats are even better.


Monogrammed Jewelry Dish: I absolutely love these monogramed ring dishes! Although, they can be used for rings, I am sure they can work for watches, earrings that you wear often, or even paperclips in the office. I am definitely going to be purchasing these beauties in the near future.


Totes and Tumblers: This Etsy listening is totes cute! Get it? $20 for a tote bag and a tumbler? How awesome is that? This is another one of those things I’ll definitely be keeping in mind as I think of cool gifts to give the people in my life.

These are just some of the things I’ve spotted lately and had my eye on. So, what about you? What are some cool things you’ve had your eye on recently?