When I was in college, a mentor I had instructed us to create a vision board where we would put things on it that we felt accurately depicted what we desired for ourselves in the future. Now, just because it’s on the board doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. Proof of it, on one of my vision boards, there’s a car up there that’s been up there for years and I still don’t have one. It merely, I think, serves as a visual reminder of the spiritual and personal goals you wish to accomplish for the year.

Now, there are quite a few things that I am planning for this fall. I am planning for my wedding, a few events for our school, and Thanksgiving. I suppose the biggest event of the three is our wedding this November.

Although everyone has asked me if it’s hit me yet, it honestly hasn’t. I am more nervous than anything and looking forward to hopefully resting and recharging during the honeymoon as well as spending our lives together. However, I think the reality that this is actually happening hasn’t quite hit me yet. Truthfully, I don’t think it will until the day of the wedding when I am actually walking down the aisle and maybe not even until we’re announced as husband and wife.

Anywho, the theme for our wedding is fall rustic simply because fall is one of my favorite seasons and rustic decor is pretty swell. Our colors are blush pink, marsala/wine, and gold. These are some of my favorite colors and I think they tend to compliment each other as well as the fall season really nicely. Therefore, many of my decorations for the wedding will reflect that. Here’s an idea of some of the things we are including in our big day.

One of the other things we’re hoping to do with our wedding is reflect both of our personalities, reflect God as well as try to make everyone feel comfortable within our means. I think if someone walks away from our wedding learning something about God – even if it’s a very small something – I think we’ll both feel pretty satisfied in our day.

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