Talk To Me Thursday: On Thursdays, I’m sharing what’s going on in the quirky world of mine in brief, concise posts (well, that’s the goal, anyway). Feel free to join in!

It’s the week we’re getting married! Months of planning have led to this weekend where we’ll finally be announced as husband and wife. I am looking forward to what this upcoming season of life will bring us and our future marriage as a couple. Believe it or not, I don’t think it’s really hit me yet, which means on the day of the wedding I’ll be crying like a baby because I think that’s when it’ll all become real.

Anywho, this week I am going to work on setting aside tip money for the vendors we’ve booked, write some thank you cards for them, work on decorating the venue, email information on where-to-put-what for the vendors, and finalize the list of who is grabbing what at the end of the night. Today I spent the day working on decorating the venue.

In addition to these things, I am finalizing high school applications for the students because of the application period ends this week. Eek! If you happen to think of me, please pray for a smooth wedding day, for the Lord’s presence throughout it, no rain, and for my students to get accepted into the schools of their choice.