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One thing we realized rather quickly while in Annapolis is how close Annapolis is to so many places! Annapolis is less than 30 minutes away from Baltimore and a little over 30 minutes from Washington, DC. On one of the days where we were trying to determine the things we wanted to do, we decided to make that trip to Washington, DC to see what they had to offer!

Needless to say, I wouldn’t recommend going to DC without some sort of plan as to where you’re going to go, but it worked out because we were able to get there in enough time to visit one museum, which was the American History Museum! I’ve been to DC before, but I’ve never been able to go to the Smithsonian museums which are all free.

Donations are encouraged, but there is no required amount of money for admission.

When we got down there, one museum we both wanted to see the most was the new African-American History museum. However, we found out that in order to get in, you needed to get a pass and that the recommended time to get there to get these passed were 6am in the morning. Bummer. I did get this pretty cool shot, though of the sunsetting behind the museum with the Washington Monument in the background.

What is your favorite place to travel? Have you ever been to Washington, D.C? What’s some of your favorite places and museums in Washington?

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