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Mixed metals are apparently all the rage in 2017 and I’m all here for it!

For the longest time, I was told this was a fashion and decorating no-no.

You never wear white after Labor Day and you never, ever mix metals.

Let’s just say I have broken both of those rules it my lifetime.

My engagement ring and wedding ring are actually different shades of gold, which despite my initial reservations, actually compliment each other really well. I get a lot of compliments about my rings – especially when they find out that one of them has remnants of Han’s late grandmother’s (halmoni in Korean) wedding ring.

While I’ve celebrated the trend on my hands, there’s several ways to hop onto this trend – including in your home. I think the trick is how you style it and how your pair the colors together that makes the difference between it looking classy and looking cluttered. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this, if you’re not quite comfortable with mixing silvers and golds yet, is to mix up the shades of gold and copper. This is why for this blog post, we’re going to take baby steps when it comes to this trend and start with golds since they are the easiest to mix together.

If you’re looking for some gorgeous rose gold, copper, and yellow gold goodies to spruce up your space, I have list of some great, trendy items and where you can find them.

  1. Glass & Metal Vanity Organizer – Threshold™ – 
  2. Titus Tumbler Rose Gold – Allure
  3. Artificial Succulent – Tall – Threshold™ – 
  4. Gold Leaf Pinecone Medium – Smith & Hawken – 
  5. Decorative Giraffe Figure Gold – Nate Berkus™ – 
  6. Gold Pineapple Decorative Jar
  7. InterDesign Steel Round Wastebasket – Threshold™ – 
  8. Canister Gold/Glass (Small) – Nate Berkus™ – 
  9. Cement Tumbler Warm Metal – Threshold™ – 
  10. Danya B™ Filigree Hurricanes with Glass Insert, Trim and Rope Handle (set of 2) Rose Gold –  


  1. Acrylic Desktop Stapler Clear/Rose Gold 
  2. Mesh Metal Wastebasket in Gold 
  3. U Brands Desktop Letter Sorter, Wire Metal, Copper 
  4. Zodaca [Deluxe Acrylic Design] Desktop Tape Dispenser, 1 Inch Core, Clear/Rose Gold 
  5. YOFIT Vintage Wooden Block Perpetual Calendar Desk Accessory Shabby Rustic Chic Number, Golden 
  6. Spectrum Diversified Storage Basket, Small, Copper 
  7. Umbra Prisma Accessory Organizer, Matte Brass 

Style tips

As previously mentioned, these colors are some of the easiest to pair together, if you’re thinking of getting started on the mixed metal trend. However, if you’re looking to pair together without it looking gaudy or too colorful, I have some suggestions that might help you as you figure out ways to style it!

1. Keep the hues as close to each other as possible: For example, I wouldn’t be so gung-ho to pair yellow gold with copper when decorating a room. While this might work well for accessories for an outfit, I would shy away from

2. Choose two and stick to it: If you love these colors as much as I do, you might be tempted to just have all three in one room, but I would recommend sticking to two colors alone. For example, maybe copper and rose gold or yellow gold and rose gold.

3. Don’t be afraid to move things around: You would be surprised how shifting things around in a room could make all the difference in terms of how these items pair together. For example, I have mixed metals in my kitchen and although I was hesitant at first, when I began moving things around I started to actually really like how they look together. Try shifting the position of certain colors or even spreading them out within the room.

Well, that’s my round up of some of my mixed gold favorites. Now, I’d love to hear from you!

What do you think about this trend? If this is something you see yourself doing, how do you plan to bring this trend into your world?

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