I’m so excited to share some of the details from our wedding with you! Our photographers, AJ and Betsy from Mountain Gap Photography were amazing! Not only did they take amazing photos, but they gave us three really beautiful gifts – one including the way our wedding photos were delivered.

We went the DIY route, because we wanted something that was creative and reflective of our unique personalities. It didn’t hurt that we wanted to save some money, which was certainly another aspect of it. There are hundreds of photos, so rather than spam you with all of them, I figured I’d break them up and share with you some of our favorites from the big day! It was hard to choose favorites since all of them turned out beautiful, but here’s some of the many we loved!



Believe it or not, my bouquet included faux flowers from Michael’s. I realized while planning the wedding that flowers were expensive – especially if you wanted a bridal bouquet, centerpieces, and real flowers for your bridal party. Real flowers are gorgeous, but didn’t quite fit my budget and although I was back and forth about it, after visiting Michael’s for some other wedding-related items, I saw some beautiful flowers that I thought would be gorgeous for our big day. Originally the colors were blush, gold, and wine, but it evolved to where I added these beautiful hues of dusty rose and ivory after realizing how well they go together. It also worked out since my bridal party’s dress colors were all somewhat different shades of blush and dusty rose!


Originally, I was convinced that I was going to wear a real bridal crown. If nothing else, I was going to wear a real, flower crown – even if the rest of my flowers were fake. After talking to my mom and maid of honor, they expressed that if I was planning to go the faux flowers route that I shouldn’t mix them. Good call.

I actually brought my flower crown around the same time that I purchased my wedding dress from David’s Bridal! Although definitely the heaviest one I’ve ever purchased, I loved my dress and it had pockets, y’all!


I was sold when I found that out.

The jewelry was given to me by my mother and the earrings I unfortunately lost after they fell out of my ear during the wedding. Grr.


We purchased the flowers from Michael’s as well and had the line the aisle at our ceremony along with tulle draped with burlap. The ceremony booklet was actually purchased from an online site that one of my elders referred me to.


She took these photos before the reception began, so we didn’t have the sangria in the sangria pitcher quite yet. The pitcher not being full yet is another story for another post, so I’ll spare you the details for now, but let’s just say this was another one of those “things that don’t go as planned” wedding stories, haha.

Also, my mom, being the creative and amazing person that she is, did pretty much (if not) all of the decorations. I told her what I was going for, purchased it and did some DIY, but she’s way more crafty than I am when it comes to sewing things and making floral arrangements look more realistic than I ever could. She even made the picture wheel as a surprise for me because I didn’t expect it, the gold trimming on the cups, the card box and so much more!

The idea for this picture wheel actually came from some things I saw on Pinterest and Instagram. In the image I saw, there were none of these pictures nor was it a wheel, but there were hoolah hoops that they wrapped in gold foil, adorned with flowers, and had hanging alongside other hoops. After seeing it, I thought it would be cool to share some pictures of my husband and I on it. However, wanted started as a wheel featuring our pictures turned into something I thought would be more sentimental by including pictures of all of our family and friends at the wedding. It was hard finding all of those pictures, but we did it!

As far as our pastries, we got our treats from a bakery in our city where they serve vegan, GMO-free, and gluten free baked goods that actually taste like baked goods! Our guests loved the donuts, which made us feel good since we were worried the taste might be something they weren’t used to. The cake however got really hard to cut by the end of the night. We originally didn’t even want to do a cake-cutting and were planning to have Korean pastries in addition to the donuts, but we figured that most people who went to weddings were looking forward to that moment. Regarding the Korean pastries, we didn’t get them in enough time.

What was your favorite moment from a wedding or event you’ve been to? If you can remember, what was the best wedding cake you’ve ever had?


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