Disclaimer: I did not receive compensation or sponsorship from The Girl Scouts of America for this post and am simply sharing it because I LOVE Thin Mints and coffee and believe you would love this recipe as much as I’ve grown to love it! I did receive product compensation from The Created Co, however in the form of this stunning mug that the drink is presented in!

Although, it’s still chilly nilly outside, I still find myself craving iced coffee and cold brews. For example, in PA it’s been pretty cold outside and I remember one day before work on one of the coldest days of that week, really wanting to get a cold brew coffee from Starbucks. I suppose it’s because iced coffee is so refreshing and so smooth. While I love a warm cup of coffee just as much as the next coffee lover, it’s something about a nice cold brew that I can really appreciate.

Lately, I’ve been on the hunt for cold brewers after seeing a few online and was convinced that I was going to purchase one that I saw at Target. However, one day I decided that I would try it on my own and see what happens. It never hurts to attempt it on your own right?

Well, I tried making it the other day and I loved it! While the taste depends on how long you let it steep, what brand of coffee you like, and how much coffee grounds you put into your filter, once you learn how to make it you’ll never feel like you need to go to a coffee shop for cold brew coffee ever again.

Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration, because coffee shops are awesome, but it’s still cool to learn how to make something you love on your own, so you can make it whenever you want.

In this recipe, I was partly inspired by my love for Thin Mints. Every year the Girl Scout cookie season rolls around, I am tempted to buy all of the cookies – especially these minty treats.

After shamefully finishing an entire box of these cookies on my own, I decided that rather than purchasing another box of cookies to engorge myself in I would combine my love for minty-chocolate-flavored things and cold brew coffee to make this deliciously simple drink. It’s super simple yet very refreshing and yummy!

Keep in mind that our coffee thresholds in regards to the intensity of the flavor might be different, so I highly recommend that you only add as much coffee and only steep it as long as you want/to taste.


If you’re looking for a little extra flavor, I would recommend adding whipped cream topped with a little mint. If you’re looking for something that tastes similar to a thin mint, I’d drizzle chocolate syrup on the inside of your cup before adding the cold brew, vanilla extract/creamer and mint mix to the cup and would top your drink with whipped cream, chocolate drizzle and a tiny bit of mint.


I try to keep things real here, so I actually failed in the middle of making this drink. However, by doing so I actually was able to find some new things to switch around the recipe, so it’s not all bad – right?


As I was adding some more cold water on top of the filter, the filter spilled into the container. Needless to say, I had to pour the whole thing out because otherwise every sip of the drink would be full of coffee grounds. I had to start over, which wasn’t fun. Such is life, though and at least my husband was there to remind me of my clumsiness and in some ways found it cute, haha.

My mood after having to start the process for a second time.


Originally, I was going to add the mint leaves on top of the coffee grounds. In one test batch, I also put the leaves inside of the coffee cup, which was not good at all. However, I decided the second time around to have them on the bottom, so that the mint would be infused in it as the coffee was slowly being filtered and poured. It gives it the refreshing taste without having to chew on leaves each bite.

While I would recommend serving it in a clear up, I opted to serve it in one my favorite mugs lately from the The Created Co! This mug is not only one that’s biblical for all of you believers like myself out there, but it’s incredibly cute! It’s always a reminder to me that regardless of what we’re currently wrestling through, joy comes in the morning and not all is lost!

I hope you enjoy!

That’s all there is to it! What’s your favorite coffee recipe? Have you ever made a cold brew coffee before? How did that turn out for you?

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