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Well, hello there, friends!

I meant to write this post for May 1st, but there were so many other things happening this past week and weekend that I got caught up. There’s some fun things going on and some realizations that I’ve been having that I can’t wait to share!

Better late than never, eh?

The last time I wrote one of these posts, I was preparing to go to Annapolis with my husband on a much-needed vacation out of the city. I think the both of us will be doing this as often as our finances permit, because it’s so crazy how despite living in the same home, how easy it is to get so busy with your work schedules that you still don’t spend intentional time. I’m looking forward to sharing some of our pictures, favorite finds, and historical visits with you!

Currently Planning:

  • Graduation: As a part of my role at the school that I work for, I was recently asked to start making plans for graduation and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a tincy bit nervous. I helped out last year, but I didn’t actively plan it. I just secured the space and then tried to suggesting a few things.
  • Annual birthday: Every year since my cousin, who shares the same birthday as me, was born, we celebrate our birthdays together and this year will be no different. This time, however, my husband will be coming with us and I’m super excited to celebrate 26 years of life (praise the Lord) with my husband and my aunts!
  • Blog posts: Recently, I’ve scheduled at least 6 or 7 new blog posts that will be coming out in the next few months and I am so excited! I hope that you all enjoy that as much as I enjoyed writing them!
  • Anniversary vacation? I added a question mark here simply because it honestly depends on what our financial situation is looking like by then. We’re thinking of going to Portland, Maine and spending some time there, but things are up in the air and we haven’t booked yet because we’re in saving mode since we spent money, recently, during our trip in Annapolis.
  • Hairstyles: So, I ended up getting the Carmelux treatment for my natural hair, but it rained that day. Also, my hair isn’t heat trained so it got super frizzy rather than keeping it’s silkiness. It’s still super soft and straighter than usual, however! I will more than likely return, but I’m considering getting it straightened every once in a while and instead having the treatment periodically done there. Either that or buying the products myself and doing it on my own.
  • Photo shoot: In an attempt to become more comfortable in front of the camera since it helps me figure out posing for my subjects (that sounds so weird), I am going to plan another photo shoot. I am going to shoot some shots of my husband, some nature/stock photography shots for some potential freebies (make sure you sign up to my newsletter to receive them!) and some shots of myself. I have some ideas I’m bouncing around and thinking about regarding the photographs I am going to take, but it’s still very up in the air, but it will probably be outdoors.


Currently Blogged:

Currently Eyeing:

  • SUGARFIX Jewelry from Target: Honestly, y’all, I have been eyeing these products since they premiered at Target. I LOVE the tassel earrings and have been planning outfits with them in my mind for weeks. I haven’t purchased them yet just because there’s a lot of money going out this week for bills, but I’d love to have the babies for my own. Buy them here!
  • Post-It® Notes Cube, 3×3″ – Marble: I’ve actually purchased this, recently, because if there’s one thing I run out of a lot it’s post-its. I love that it’s marble and matches my office decor!
  • Planet Fitness Membership: I really need to get back into the gym. I miss exercising a lot (gasp) and miss the discipline it gave me both physically and mentally. I’m thinking of getting a membership since their gyms are pretty much everywhere.

Currently Watching:

  • Documentaries: My husband and I have been obsessed with documentaries as of lately. We’re huge history nerds and tend to gravitate towards documentaries for that reason.
  • The Sorry Girls: I just found out about these ladies a few weeks ago and I LOVE their content! They have videos that include power tools and are things that aren’t just your typical DIY videos. For example, they have a video teaching you how to make your own white brick wall, which is super cool and is something that I might try as well!
  • Makeup Tutorials: I still haven’t attempted contouring because it’s been very difficult looking for a contour kit that is flattering for my skin tone.
  • Pimple-popping videos: I almost hesitated writing this, because I know it sounds so gross and is so weird, but if I’m being honest, lately my husband and I have ended up on that side of YouTube. You know, the side where you’re watching Dr. Pimple Popper videos and cringing yet not being able to turn away from it because it’s so mesmerizingly gross. 😲

Currently Exploring:

  • Gardens and trails: It’s spring, which means that my husband and I are looking to spend more time walking around and enjoying the beautiful weather. We have a trail not too far from our apartment, which we’re probably going to walk through and there’s also one in Delaware near his childhood home.
  • Local coffee shops: I love local, mom-and-pop or privately-owned coffee shops. As much as I love a good cup of Starbucks or La Colombe, I really appreciate the unique characteristics of privately-owned coffee shops. Everything from the coffee, the decor, the homely/family-like feeling. It’s just awesome!
  • Mario Kart at Target: I’m not sure if this should go under this, but since finding out that they were theming some of the Target stores after Mario Kart, I was looking forward to seeing little Yoshi balls in place of the red, Target balls in the front of the story and hearing, “yippie” when I walked through. But, alas, they don’t have them at the one I go to yet. The Super Mario lover in me is crying, but at least I got to see it through one of my blogger friends, Natalie’s Instagram story!

Currently Reading:

  • A Life Transformed Birthday Giveaway: It’s Hannah’s birthday this week and I’m teaming up with her and a few other lovely ladies to celebrate through a giveaway! For more information on what’s going on in Hannah’s world, what’s being given away and how to enter, make sure you check out her blog!
  • When The Ordinary Feels Anything But Glorious at The Sayable: Honestly, it’s hard for me to find a post from Lore that I don’t like. She’s so raw and she writes so well. I love her honesty in her posts and her willingness to look to Christ regardless of what’s going on.
  • 5 Mother’s day gift ideas (that aren’t chocolate): Mother’s Day is approaching and as you’re beginning to brainstorm ideas, this post may help garner some inspiration for you! I love these ideas that, Megan came up with!
  • How to Prepare for a Blog Photo Shoot: Speaking of photoshoots, this post was super helpful for trying to determine how to go about planning this upcoming shoot!

Currently Aiming For:

  • Grow spiritually and be more intentional with my time with Jesus: I’ve honestly felt so distracted, lately by some challenges going on in my life. However, I cannot and should not let those get in the way of me really spending more intentional time with Christ. Just as I am aspiring to be intentional with other areas of my life, I need to remember that He comes first and all things flow through Him. Also, that I honestly need Him, err’day.
  • Drinking more water to lose weight and improve my skin: My skin has been so oily and I’ve felt so bloated, lately. I think all of the junk I’ve been eating has a lot to do with it, so I am going to try to drink more water than usual and watch the amount of greasy foods that I eat. Here’s hoping on the other side of this there’s clear skin and less bloat!
  • Asking for payment when pitched to by a brand: This one is going to be a hard one for me, simply because at times I don’t feel like I have enough of an audience to request payment and sometimes I feel rude asking. In the past, I’ve done work for free for brands that I love. While I do not blog simply to make money, when it comes to brand collaborations, I think it becomes a problem for me when the majority of my brand collaborations are unpaid. I spend sometimes 10 hours on a post because I typically brainstorm, take and edit photography, create graphics for the post, and that’s all before writing it. The money earned helps me continue to afford to keep this baby up and running! I may not have 250k impressions, but I do work hard on these posts. Besides, my husband has graciously allowed us to invest in this space because he believes in it as much as I do and although exposure is nice, exposure does not pay the bills and keep food on the table.

Currently on Instagram:

I love my rings, but I love the meaning behind it even more. The two different metals representing two different cultures coming together in love. My engagement ring, a symbol of his commitment to start forever and my wedding ring, a symbol of our covenant we made together and a part of his grandmother – who took her wedding ring before her passing and had it melted to make ours so that there’s always a piece of halmoni with us. Each time I look at it it reminds that God has entrusted someone’s heart onto me and mine onto his. That I have committed my life to loving, growing, and serving with another kindred spirit – my best friend, travel partner, prayer warrior, and justice seeker. I am so blessed to know such a sweet soul.

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“The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God endures forever.” – Isaiah 40:8

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Can I live here? #bedroomgoals If you’re ever in the Philly area, I’d highly recommend this place.

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That’s what’s going on my end – what about yours? What are you up to?

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