In case you haven’t been reading my tweets, lately, there’s been quite a bit going on in my life as of lately. Some good, some challenging, and some ugly things that have completely thrown me for a loop. Also, with all of the horrible things going on around the world, my heart feels heavy knowing that there are so many people grieving and fearing for their lives.

I am grateful for the way God has been sustaining me through it all, but super overwhelmed, if I am being honest. As you all may know, I am a Christian, and I think that although I’ve felt burdened, I’ve felt very supported and loved through the amount of you all praying for me and my friends and family rallying around us. You guys are awesome!

Anywhosers, let’s get into some of the things going behind the scenes at C+B shall we?

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Anniversary Vacation: My husband and I are going to celebrate our first year anniversary in November by going to Provincetown, MD! We’re staying in our first AirBnB as well as visiting the area for the first time, which we’re both looking forward to.

Newsletter: So you guys remember how I mentioned that I have a newsletter? Well, after some serious consideration, I’ve decided that I should make it bi-weekly instead of monthly. Yes, I really try hard not to spam you all with emails because I don’t like getting them, but it seems like bi-weekly makes the most sense since I feel a lot of the deals I find, I hesitate sharing on the newsletter because I have to wait until the middle of the month to send.

Scrap-booking: I started scrap-booking! It’s something I’ve always wanted to do – especially in this day and age where almost everything it saved on a computer or hard drive. I wanted to have hard copies of photographs to share with guests when they come over and to show our future children one day. Not only is scrap-booking a pretty nifty way to do this, but it’s also been fun getting to add different pictures and decorative stickers to it.

Posts: I’ve been working on brainstorming some more posts for the summer and would love your opinion or feedback on what you’d like to hear about specifically. If you have any questions about marriage, faith, or even tips you’d like to see about something that I might be able to provide some insight, don’t hesitate to let me know! There are also some fun and some raw posts I’m currently writing behind the scenes that I’m excited to share with you.

New hairstyles: I’m thinking of adding some color to my hair. I had a deep caramel brown ombre before and I honestly miss it. Also, it gets really hot in the summer and I’m pretty certain that my dark, brown hair doesn’t really help when trying to avoid attracting heat.

One Meal – Two Ways Series on Chicken and Bliss: So, I’m cutting out red-meat (gasp), but my husband is not and is a huge fan of all things steak. As a result, I am going to have to get more creative with my meals not only so that I can still enjoy some of my favorite meals (shoutout to tacos). but also because I’ll have to cook essentially the same meal, but two ways so that we’re both able to enjoy it. In lieu of that, I’m going to be sharing some of those posts and recipes with you soon! You heard the news here first, because you guys are awesome sauce!


United Shades of America: Have you all heard of United Shades of America? My husband and I just started watching it and we can’t get enough of it!

Michael Jackson documentaries: My husband and I recently watched a Michael Jackson movie on Lifetime and as a result have been scouring YouTube for different documentaries about his life. While I grew up listening to MJ and am aware of his childhood history, there were many things we had no clue about that gave us some more insight on the man behind “Man in The Mirror” … see what I did there? 😉


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Bright shoes: Ever since seeing a co-worker of mine wear a pair of magenta flats to work, I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of bright, velvet shoes to wear throughout the summer. I’m not a big color person, but I love wearing pops of color during these months.

New potted plants: Now that it’s warmer outside, we’ve been thinking of ways to entertain and use our balcony space more. I’ve been looking into ways of adding some decor to our balcony that will brighten it up a bit and make it more inviting.

Marble Macbook laptop case: I’ve honestly been eying this for a while, but haven’t made the plunge – should I say, made the purchase? It’s so cute, but I’ve been trying not to impulsively buy things. It’s one of the reasons why we haven’t used all of our gift cards from the wedding yet.


  • All You Need to Know About Adopting a Cat: I love cats and as someone who adopted a pretty little kitty over 10 years ago, I can relate to and attest to Summer’s tips for adopting a cat.
  • Spring Style for Minimalist Moms: I’m not a mom, but I absolutely LOVE this kimono. It’s so trendy and looks so comfortable!
  • 5 Times to Say No + 3 Ways to Do It: I struggle with saying no and one thing I liked a lot about this blog post is it’s a reminder that it’s perfectly okay to assert your boundaries and say “no” – even at work.






Looking at these pretty flowers that only months ago weren’t fully bloomed yet, reminds me that everything grows in time. I want to grow authentically without faking my way through it and the yet the realization of how long that can take can be discouraging sometimes. You’re seemingly doing all of the “right” things and yet it seems you’re still at a standstill. Or better yet, just when it seems you’re growing, you experience a setback. If this resonates with you as well, be encouraged, friend. Authentic growth can be painful, but it’s rewarding in the end because it’s real. Keep writing, keep creating, keep praying, and keep believing. Whether it’s one person or 200, you’re making difference in someone’s day. Maybe like these flowers that a couple months ago were just stems, your time to bloom is just around the corner. To everything there is a season. (Ecclesiastes 3:1)🌿🌺 #bloomwhereyouareplanted

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