Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post and I was not asked to write this. It’s just after using their space to take some head-shots and related photographs, I fell in love with this place and couldn’t resist telling you about it. Also, when shooting these photographs, the hotel was technically still under construction – hence the blue pieces of tape on the wall that I was too nervous to remove because I didn’t want to mess up anything. 

Philadelphia is a city full of bustling people, unforgettable museums, history sites, trendy restaurants, amazing people, and unique coffee shops. It’s also a city that has a new, innovative boutique hotel that opened in the heart of Old City – the Lokal Hotel.

I know some of you might be thinking, “what in the world is a boutique hotel?” and honestly, friend, I found myself asking the same question when I first heard about it. A boutique hotel, by definition, is a small, stylish hotel that is usually located in a fashionable urban location. Now knowing the definition and having visited the Lokal Hotel, I think this definitions fits this place, perfectly.

Located near 3rd and Arch streets, the Lokal Hotel is minutes away from all of the historical sites in Old City, and very close to some trendy hair salons, boutiques, and coffee shops. It’s within walking distance from the 3rd Street pier along Columbus Boulevard and a short walk away from Penns Landing. It’s right in the heart of an area that’s comprised of trendy restaurants, stores, businesses, and loft apartments. However, it’s not just the location that’s swoon-worthy, but the hotel itself.

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This innovative hotel is one of the only hotels in the area that includes invisible service. What this means is that there are no front desk concierges, room service, or a check-in desk. Everything is done using technology, including how you order food.

While there is an option for you to be greeted by a person, your entire stay there will feel more like you’re staying a friend’s trendy apartment or Air BNB rather than a hotel. What I love about this is the fact that it allows you to stay in a place that encourages you to sink into the culture of the city. You can make your own meals in the kitchenette (yay for saving money), a washer and dryer, and sit at an actual table that’s large enough to sit at least four or five people comfortably. It makes you feel more like a local returning to your apartment after a long day of exploring instead of a tourist.

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The decor is unlike anything you’ve probably seen in a hotel. The rooms, all designed by Jersey Ice Cream Co, are so beautifully styled. The colors in the kitchen area are unique and calming without being overwhelming or clashing with the other colors in the room. There are accents of gold and wood that compliment the light white colors of the walls and sheets. The bathrooms are coated with subway tile (which I LOVE, by the way), showers large enough to fit more than one person, a soaking, claw-foot tub, large sinks, and includes robes and towels monogrammed with their logo on them.

Basically, this place is house goals for my husband and I and I found myself getting inspiration for our place from this hotel. Like, I honestly never thought about adding a large plant to our bathroom until visiting this apartment and seeing how peaceful it makes the bathroom feel.

Oh, and don’t get me started on the bed!

I LOVE the bedroom area decor. In the unit we were shooting in, the headboard that’s both simplistic and complimentary of the wood board behind it. The colors of the bedding, comprised of hues of greys, whites, and ivories adds such a light calmness to the room. It’s actually very similar to the colors my husband and I have in our bedroom at home.

While we of course did not have the opportunity to sleep in this space, the bed looks comfortable and has views of the street below outside of the window.

All of this is coming from someone who hasn’t stayed there (yet), but can infer this simply from seeing the space, seeing the reviews, and researching more about what this place has to offer. I can only imagine what my experience will be if my husband and I decide to plan a staycation in the city. If we do, I will certainly write a proper, official review of this place and perhaps include some ways to enjoy the city of Philadelphia nearby the hotel!


Have you stayed this hotel yet? Are there any boutique hotels near you? If not, what is the best hotel you’ve stayed in?


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