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My absolute favorite season of all time is fall. It’s something about the changing leaves, the warmer colors, and the cooler weather that just gets me excited during this season. Also, it’s the season where Thanksgiving happens and I’m always pumped for that. I apologize in advance for the countdown-to-fall posts I’ve been liking, sharing, and posting on social media.

However, this time of year can get kind of awkward in terms of weather here. It’s definitely not fall yet so it’s not quite sweater weather. Yet summer is ending next month, so not only are stores beginning to have their “end of the summer” sales, but stores are starting to advertise for and sell fall decor. Not to mention, there have been some days where the weather is really hot and others where it’s a bit on the chillier side.

So alas, it’s the weather is too unpredictable to completely put away your summer clothes and it’s not quite cold enough to break out your vests and bomber jackets. What do you exactly wear during the seasonal transition?

Today, I’m sharing some tips on how to style some of the items you currently have in your closet for this unpredictable time of year.

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When it’s not quite fall, but the weather seems to change almost every few days, one thing that I would recommend doing that will keep you from having to swap out your wardrobe capsules each day is layering.

Undeniably, one of the things I commonly hear as being something people look forward to during the fall when it comes to fashion is getting to layer their clothes. Believe it or not, this transitional time is also a really good time to layer your clothes.

While I wouldn’t recommend wearing knit sweaters just yet, you can grab a cardigan from your closet and layer it over top of any tank or dresses you own. If the weather is supposed to be on the chillier side during the day and a cardigan isn’t enough, grab a pair of sheer leggings to wear under it.

For example, one of my favorite outfits to wear when the weather is too sporadic to completely pack up out my summer attire is wearing midi-length dress with a cardigan, black leggings, and either ankle boots or flats. Most of these items I would have already in my closet and not packed away, so it’s very easy for me to just add layers to my summer gear rather than break out my sweater jumpers.




Speaking of stockings under dresses, another favorite layering style of mine is wearing stockings black, dress shorts. With skirts, depending on the fabric and the color of it, I love adding a pop of color and quirkiness by wearing colored-leggings under them.

This was one of my favorite transitional looks in college. I’d grab a pair of black shorts and pair them with either black, sheer leggings or maroon-colored stockings with a pair of ankle boots or flats. One of the things I loved about this was that it kept my legs warm, without having to completely clear out my summer wardrobe items before it’s time, to.

Personally, I wouldn’t wear colored-stockings under jean shorts. My best bet has always been wearing them under black shorts, because they pair well with almost any color you put with it without it looking too much.



Another way to style your current wardrobe during this transition is to start adding scarves to your outfits as needed! While it’s probably too soon to break out the wool-knit infinity scarves, you can still wear scarves during the transitional months!

If you own one, pair your favorite t-shirt, tank, or blouse with a chiffon scarf. Bonus points if it’s floral.



During the summer, one of easiest things to put on other than dresses are maxi or A-line midi skirts. They’re breathable and for the most part, rather easy to slide on. However, during this time of the year where the weather could be 80 degrees one day and closer to 60 the next, wearing skirts most of the time probably won’t work as much.

Instead of completely getting rid of your skirts, however, go through your closet and grab a couple of elbow-length cotton shirts to wear with your skirts instead of sleeveless tops or camisoles.


While most of your summer wardrobe may consist of lighter-colored clothing with florals and other summer-related styles, you don’t have to completely get rid of them as soon as the weather starts changing, if it’s not quite fall yet!

Instead, start transitioning darker colors into your current wardrobe to pair with the colors you still have. For example, if you have a pair of bright orange pants that you adore, pair that with a dark grey, elbow-length t-shirt or wear it with a white shirt and a heather grey-colored cardigan. Slowly begin introducing earthier shades into your wardrobe as the weather begins to cool. The great thing about this is that you can’t easily swap them out if the weather begins to warm up again by removing the layers.

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Personally, I think sunglasses are perfect for every season, but they lose their functionality in the winter months here when there’s barely any sun around. Around this time of year, however, I say go for it!

Not only are the days still long because the sun is still out at least until 7:30 where I live, but they are also some really trendy shades out there with colors that are perfect for this seasonal transition.

My favorite ones are ones that have brown hues to them like these ones by Warby Parker! While it’s a bit on the pricey side, you’re paying for quality glasses that will last longer. They also have a new sculpted series, which are handcrafted in Italy from premium cellulose acetate and have unique frames.  Their newest series actually launched as recently as July!




As the weather permits, start introducing ankle boots into your wardrobe. If it’s not quite cold enough to transition completely into wearing all fall items, I find that ankle boots are a great transitional item. They’re low enough that your feet aren’t sweltering in them if it’s warm and yet cozy enough to keep your toes warm if it’s hot outside. You can pair these with flowy skirts and dresses with ease!



Well, those are my tips for navigating this time of the year when it comes to what to wear. I usually don’t switch our my primary wardrobe until the weather starts getting colder, so most of my summer items stay in my closet until it officially becomes fall.

I’d love to hear from you!

What are some of your tips for how to style your wardrobe during the time of the year when the weather changes so often?


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