Rejection, rejection, rejection.

We’ve all been there and have all felt the sting of it at one point in our lives. Whether it’s been a declined date or party invitation.

I can’t tell you how many brands I’ve pitched to that I love and believe you would love, too, that either never responded or declined my offer. If I’m being honest, it gets to me sometimes. As much as I try to remember why I started and not get caught up in those things, I’d be lying if I said that it didn’t still sting each time that I hear, “no.” I’d be lying if I said that I don’t take it personally since I pour so much of myself into this blog.

Rejection in other areas of our life is no different.

When we feel rejected by a crush, a friend, a colleague or even spouse, it may feel like a blow. Maybe for you, someone you just confessed your heart to told you they don’t feel the same. Perhaps, you just pitched this really awesome idea to your boss only for them to say it wouldn’t work. Maybe you gave all that you could to one of your friendships only for that friend to end up berating you, saying that you aren’t doing enough.

When you’re giving all that you have to something, having it rejected or declined can be very discouraging.

One thing that I am being reminded of even as I write this, however, is some thing that really spoke to me.

Christ was rejected and we are accepted.

Let me start with the first point.

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When I say that Christ was rejected, I’m referring to the fact that during his ministry on earth, although there were many people who believed He was the messiah and believed in His miracles, there were many people who didn’t and attributed it to other things. Many people criticized Christ, thought the miracles he was performing was witchcraft and that the words He was speaking was blasphemy. Yet the amazing thing is that despite the rejection He experienced, He never stopped preaching the gospel and fulfilling the mission that He was sent to do. He never stopped fulfilling the will of the Father. He never let their words define His identity.

I don’t know about you, but I definitely struggle in this area. While I acknowledge that it is Christ who defines me and who is ultimately in control of my reputation, I always feel the need to explain myself. I never want anyone to get the wrong impression of my intentions, so I over-explain and often try to change myself more than I should to not inconvenience others. But Christ, who was judged by so many, never let that shape Him. He was who He was and is who He is. Whether people accepted that or not was their choice and that is not only admirable, but something that we should aim for, too.

Similarly friend, when we are rejected, we shouldn’t allow that rejection to keep us from doing what we’ve been called to do. If you feel called to start a really cool initiative at work and your boss doesn’t seem on board, don’t completely give up. Maybe a few things need to be tweaked in order for it to be approved or maybe the time for it to happen just isn’t right now.

If you feel nothing is ever good enough for your friend, perhaps it may be time to let that friendship go as it is unhealthy for your spiritual growth. That’s okay, too.

If you’re feeling rejected, welcome to the club. I know that sounds slightly pessimistic, but what I mean is you aren’t alone, friend. You’re in good company – actually you’re in GREAT company considering that Jesus was rejected by many.

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While some people may reject us and we may feel the weight of that, Christ accepts us as we are. We can come to Him, flaws and all, and He welcomes us with open arms – regardless of the past we’ve lived or mistakes we’ve made.

Not only are we accepted by Christ, but we’re accepted into the royal, holy family. As believers, we’re sons and daughters of God. We’re accepted and loved by the Most High. How awesome is that?

When doors are slammed in our face, we can take heart knowing that there’s one door out there that’s open for us.

When a crush rejects us, we can find peace knowing that God knows what’s best for us and that if it was meant to be, it would be.

When our plains fail, we can find joy knowing that what God has planned for us is far better than what we could ever pin to a Pinterest board for ourselves.

Rejection doesn’t get easier and to put it plainly, it sucks. It sucks a lot. While that’s true, we are accepted by Christ and that’s true, too.

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How do you deal with rejection?



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