One of the things I was most excited about when my husband and I began planning our wedding was our wedding colors, wedding attire, and our decorations. I mean, other than the fact that you’re getting to marry your best friend, getting an opportunity to wear really nice clothes is a plus, too, am I right?

I remember that once I got my dress, I left it to my husband to pick out his suit because I wanted him to feel comfortable in what he was wearing that day without me necessarily telling him what to wear. However, my husband kept joking about showing up in a leopard print suit and in that moment I realized that perhaps I needed to give him some options that would actually match the colors of the wedding.

Today, I’m sharing with those of you or who are newly engaged or planning out the Pinterest wedding of your dreams how to pick colors for your groomsmen suits that compliment your main colors!

Blue + Blush

For our wedding, our colors were gold, blush pink, and wine. I loved it because aside from the fact that I love pink, they were nice colors for the fall season and ones that I felt really paired well together.

When it came to picking out a suit color for the groomsmen and my husband, we settled on navy blue because we found that it accented the main colors of the wedding very well. I look at our pictures and ultimately feel really glad that we didn’t settle on a different color for the suits because the pictures came out wonderful!

If you’re thinking of a similar color scheme for your fall wedding, I would definitely go with blue for your suits. We went with a dark navy, but even a lighter navy would pair well with a lot of colors.

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Metallics + Neutrals

I almost chose this color as one of the complimentary colors for our wedding, because it’s so pretty and is so perfect for the fall season. As the weather gets colder and the leaves begin to change colors, copper and neutral items look so timeless against the nature’s fall backdrop.

If you’re going for a metallic look, I would definitely recommend sticking with neutral colors for your grooms and groomsmen. For example, if you’re going for a silver-colored metallic than grey suits would pair very nicely with your accents. If you’re looking to adorn your wedding with copper or rose gold accents, tan or beige-colored suits would really mesh well and help your special men to stand out.


Green + Neutrals

This is another color combination that I believe not only looks stunning, but works well in almost every season.

You know how it’s apparently a wedding snafu to wear fall colors in the spring and summer colors in the winter? Although, I honestly think that you should do whatever you want as it’s your big day, if you’re someone that is concerned about staying within the season, these colors work for every season! You can pair ivy-colored green with cream or white for a nice winter, fall or spring look. You can pair the same colored green with a nude pink for an August wedding.

If you’re looking to use these colors in your wedding, one thing I would recommend is having your men wear tan or eggshell-colored suits. Doing this also gives you the freedom to add little pops of color in their outfits such as with their ties or their boutonnières.

You’ll find a great selection of suits on The Black Tux, which actually allows you to rent suits for your wedding online. How convenient – right? You can browse their selection of suit styles and customize your color. You can even add accessories such as bowties or ties to also go with the suit that they will let you try on two weeks before the wedding.

My husband almost used this service for the wedding, but waited very close to the actual date of the wedding to get his suit so we were pretty strapped for time.

What colors would you recommend as complimentary wedding colors? If you’re not engaged to be married, if you could think of your ideal dream wedding colors, what would they be?



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