Around the time of July 4th weekend, my husband and I visited Ithaca with family to explore the Robert Treman State Park in Ithaca, New York. I had never been to Ithaca and was looking forward to spending some time with family, exploring the wild terrain and enjoying some cool views. Needless to say, we saw that and then some, hiking at least four miles on a trail full of beautiful views, stunning gorges, and these interesting looking berries that none of us could really figure out the name of.

It was such a wonderful time getting the opportunity to rest and spend time with family. Today, I’m sharing some of my absolute favorite shots!

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Our day began with a nice lunch in the park after we arrived on Sunday afternoon. My husband’s parents are great cooks and his dad, specifically, is really good at grilling meats. He grilled bulgogi, which is marinated beef and we enjoyed rice, kimchi and other items on the side!

After we enjoyed our lunch, we began our hike. One thing I’ll admit is that I underestimated the hike and assumed that it would be much easier than it was. In fact, I thought we were going to casually walk along a trail and that there were different paths – one paved and one a little more rugged.

Needless to say, I’m so thankful that I convinced my husband to not wear his brand new shoes I brought them because it was definitely a challenging hike. There were a lot of step inclines and stairwells, plenty of dirt trails still wet from the previous rain, and terrifying heights that would make someone who is afraid of heights, shake in their boots. However, despite the heights and the fact that I slipped more times than I can count, it was a beautiful hike and one that I really enjoyed getting to do with my family.

It was a great way for us all to rest and bond together.

If you are going soon, I would definitely recommend bringing a lot of water. While four or more miles of hiking doesn’t sound like a lot, with all of the inclines and stairs we had to climb, I was so thirsty once we got back to the car. I would recommend bringing at least two water bottles per hiker just be to safe.

A couple of us also had headaches because of the elevation increase, so I’d anticipate that.


Do you enjoy hiking? If so, where’s your favorite place to hike?


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