It’s the holidays and although it’s a joyful time of the year, it can be a bit difficult for my husband and I to find time to just relax. As a teacher, I spend most of my weeks teaching, lesson planning, and prepping that most of my errands for home are pushed to the weekend. However, both of us have really tried to make an effort to have at least one date night a week. It’s normally nothing fancy because our budget can’t afford that #teacherlife. However, we usually try to do something together that is inexpensive, enjoyable, and something that we can do that where we are intentionally spending time together without being on our phones.

One thing my husband and I do frequently is we have movie nights at home where we’ll make a bowl of movie treats and watch a few flicks together. Being that both of us love food, the snacks we nibble on are almost as important as the movie or documentary that we decide to watch.

Today, I’m going to share with some movie night recipes that I’m sure you’ll love!

P.S They’re all $20 or less a recipe! 😉


Cajun Popcorn: Add cayenne pepper and salt for a spicy addition to your popcorn and it’ll give it a nice kick!

Korean Nachos: If you can make your own cheese sauce and top your nachos with the toppings of your choice! My favorite toppings are cheese, bulgogi (marinated Korean beef), scallions with gochujang mayo sauce drizzled on top of it. If you’re like my husband and not a huge fan of things that have mayo in it, you can opt for mixing gochujang with sour cream or yogurt. You can also do without it and it’s just as yummy. If you purchase these items from your local H-Mart, you can get them for under $20! I’ll be sharing a full-length recipe on this soon!

Street Corn Popcorn: If you’ve ever had street corn before, you’ll know exactly what delicious ingredients go into this treat. Add crumbled Cotija cheese, ancho or chilli powder, garlic, and cilantro for a delicious and savory snack. I’d be sure to have hand wipes on the side, however, because it can get a bit messy.

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Smoothie Bowls: It’s never too late for smoothie bowls! Take your favorite fruits such as pineapple, acai, and banana and make your favorite bowls. You can even add different fruit and nut toppings on top. I love adding peanut butter to mine.

Give me S’more Popcorn: Take your favorite brand of popcorn, drizzle it in some dark-chocolate syrup and roasted or slightly browned marshmallows. Top it with crumbled graham crackers and enjoy! It’s super easy to make and really good – especially if you have someone such as my husband who loves s’mores things.

Oreo Popcorn: I know you’ve probably seen this recipe floating around somewhere on Pinterest. It’s honestly an idea that I discovered while browsing the site one day for delicious recipes to make for one of the holiday parties I was planning for the alumni I used to work with. All you need is melted white chocolate and crushed oreos. You take the oreos and mix them in the popcorn for a delicious, salty and sweet treat.

As someone who is currently trying to be more mindful of what I’m eating, a brand that I’m currently loving Skinny Pop products. Hence the name, their popcorn gives you the delicious taste of popcorn without the guilt of eating your weight in calories.


Pretzels drizzled with chocolate and chocolate candy pieces: This is another combination that tastes amazing and is super easy to make. Take a bag of pretzels, empty it into a bowl, drizzle chocolate over it and mix it with your favorite chocolate candy bar. I’d suggest using bite size candies such as Snickers bars or candies like M&Ms that can easily be mixed into your bowl.

Candy: You can’t have a move night without candy, right? Perhaps you can, but I LOVE chocolate and almost every time we go out to the movies, chocolate bars and candy are my snack of choice. If you also love candy, why not grab a couple bags of candy that you can share as you watch the film?

Milkshakes: If you have a blender, ice, milk or milk substitute and some cacao powder, you can make a chocolate milkshake that both you and your loved one can enjoy. If you’re not someone who loves chocolate, you can add vanilla protein powder or something else to bring it to the flavor you desire. Personally, I love making peanut-butter chocolate smoothies.

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What are some of your favorite movie night snacks?

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