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One of the many things I’ve struggled with the past year when it comes to following is building an audience. I love to write and it’s one of the reasons why I started this blog. However, I would love to reach more people and with the algorithm changes on social media and the whole follow/unfollow trend, it’s been very difficult to do. It also doesn’t help that sometimes people equate having a larger audience with having a high quality blog.

However, there are a couple of things that I’ve been reminding myself of lately that I want to encourage those of you who struggle with the same thing, to do as well.

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Remember your motives:

I know it sounds cliche, but it is really important to remember why you started and to periodically check your motives. Personally speaking, I have to do this often, because it’s so easy for me to get wrapped up in follower counts and metrics, that I lose sight of why I started blogging in the first place.

Lately, I’ve found myself re-reading my about me and about the blog pages to remind myself of the overall mission of my blog. I know it sounds foolish, but sometimes I need that reminder of what I’m hoping to accomplish on this tiny space on the internet and whether or not I’m doing so, successfully.

Am I still writing posts to encourage those who are going through similar things?

Do I still share tips and how-to posts that I truly believe would benefit you all?

Am I still seeking to encourage those who share the same faith as I do to keep fighting the good fight of faith – even when life throws us some curveballs?

Am I still making posts that encourage other women to embrace who they were created to be?

Am I still enjoying the writing process?

Don’t be afraid to review your mission every now and then to make sure you’re still doing what you’ve set out to do. Also, if you’re a believer in Christ, I would definitely encourage you to pray or even fast from your blog if you really feel that’s what the Lord is leading you to do. Sometimes, our “writer’s block” could be an invitation from God to take a break for a bit.

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Don’t be afraid to change your scenery:

As I may have mentioned on this blog before, I love being out in nature. Although, I’m not a seasoned hiker, I love walking on trails and experiencing different places that I haven’t been to before. I find that sometimes even walking through the park gives me inspiration to write and reflect. It’s amazing how a simple change of scenery can really help your creativity.

Perhaps, instead of an outdoors environment, it’s a coffee shop. Whatever your space may be, find the area where you feel the most creative and make it a habit to try to stop by when you’re feeling completely depleted and discouraged about creating.

Create anyway:

Another thing that’s been helpful for me is to write, anyway. Yes, I may not have a large audience when it comes to social media metrics, but I have quite a bit of awesome people like you that I’ve met and encouraged through this blog. Even when it feels like you are not reaching your metric goals, remember that you’re reaching someone.

Recently, I got a comment on a blog post where a couple of people thanked me for sharing this and sharing the link where they could delete their account on a social media site. Aside from being shocked that they found it, I was happy that I was able to help someone permanently delete a social media site that they were trying to delete in the first place. This all happened because I shared about a time where I went through something similar and how I solved it and was on a post that I didn’t think people were reading.

It may seem that no one is reading or commenting, but keep writing, anyway. It may not happen this month, but you never know what post someone is going to find that’s going to encourage them through something they’re going through in the moment. You never know how your post sharing your tips for studying your bible or bullet journaling is going to help someone later down the line. It may take time, but don’t give up.

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Speaking of creating, anyway, there’s a mug from Created Co that has quickly become one of my favorites in motivating me to do just that. Aside from the fact that I genuinely love a lot of their products, this mug reminds me to continue creating – even when it seems that I am not reaching the goals that I’ve aspired to reach.

Not to mention, this 10oz cup holds a lot of coffee, which is perfect for those days when I need the extra motivation (*ahem* coffee) as I’m brainstorming for the blog. Also, I love mugs that allow for more coffee to be consumed in one cup.

If you think you’ll like their “Create” mug as much as I do, you can purchase it from their website as well as some other coffee-related items that they sell.


What are some ways that you’ve fought through creator’s block?



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