If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you’re probably aware that my husband and I have been looking at homes with the hope of purchasing one in the near future. While we love our current landlord and our tiny apartment, we eventually want to have a family one day and we want to be able to own a home where we are investing in it rather than watching our money go away and into the hands of someone else.

As we’re looking at homes and establishing what we’d like in a home, I’m realizing HGTV has given me some potentially unrealistic expectations of what I want in a house versus what those things are worth. Sure, I’d love a home with high ceilings and exposed wood beans, but those things don’t come for free and can often increase the price of a house, regardless of the neighborhood.

One of our (well – my) must-haves would be an updated bathroom and kitchen. I think aside from our living room, the kitchen is where we spend most of our time. I mean, it is where the true culinary magic happens and we both love to eat. Therefore, many of the homes we’ve been browsing have updated kitchens, where we can entertain guests and fill up our bellies.

Although we aren’t sure at this point when we’ll be able to afford our dream home, I’ve been inspired by some places I’ve seen and some decor ideas I’ve seen online that I am going to share with you in today’s post. If you’re currently a homeowner looking for new ideas to spruce up your home or someone who aspires to own a home one day, today I am going to share with you the things I am looking for in a dream kitchen.

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Marble Countertops:

I don’t know why, but I adore marble countertops. There’s something so classy about them and they’re so easy to clean. In fact, the kitchen was one of the major selling points for the apartment we’re renting now, because it has white cabinets and white marble counter tops. In our future home, I would love to own a place that also has marble countertops!

Image credit to: Decor Pad

Updated cabinetry:

Speaking of cabinets and countertops, I would love to have ones we wouldn’t have to replace not long after we move in. Personally, I love white cabinets, but as long as they match the countertops, I am not as picky about them. For example, I saw one house that had blue cabinets with grey, marble countertops. While blue isn’t a color I’d typically go crazy for when it comes to cabinets, the grey marble countertops really complimented them well and made it look very classy and original!

Image credit to: Decor Pad

Updated appliances:

While yes, my desire for updated appliances has a lot to do with the look of them, it also has to do with the life span of these appliances. If a home is coming with appliances such as a refrigerator and a stove, I would prefer to have brand new ones that I won’t have to purchase a few months after spending money on the home. Besides, the older the appliance, the more likely it is to have problems or to potentially cause a fire. To avoid all of those things, I’d rather have new ones in our home.

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Wood floors:

I don’t think I’ve ever liked tile floors – unless they were nicely done or in a bathroom. While there are definitely some exceptions to this rule (such as the tile floor at my parent’s house), I love wooden floors more. I find that wooden floors are always a nice contrast to the decor of the kitchen and a lot easier to keep clean than tiles. You should see how long it takes my husband and I have to clean up our bathroom floor because things get caught between the tiles. Maybe that’s just us, though.

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The reality of it all is that although I definitely desire these things in a home, I may not be able to find all of the things in the home that we purchase. These may be things that we’ll have to upgrade as time goes on. However, I find that having an idea of what I want in mind can be helpful for us as we decide what out of our “ideal home” list we can compromise on and what items we won’t.

Now, that I’ve shared my list, I’d love to know yours!

What are some things you’d like to see in your dream kitchen?

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