One thing I realized since owning an apartment is that it can seem very difficult to make an apartment feel like home – especially when you’re house hunting. While your name is on the lease, it technically doesn’t belong to you so it isn’t really an investment. Not only that, but if there were any updates you would like to make to your apartment, in some places you aren’t allowed to because you don’t own it. So, how do you make an apartment feel more like a home? I have some suggestions for you that have been helpful for my husband and I in this season of life!

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Paint the walls:

Most places will allow you to paint the walls in whatever way you choose as long as you paint them back it’s neutral color when it’s time to leave. For example, at one of my old apartments, my landlord was perfectly fine with me desiring to change the colors of the wall to cool grey as long as I was okay with painting it back once I left. While I didn’t change the walls, it was nice knowing that if I wanted to, I could customize my place.

This is a very simple way of making your place your own because by changing the walls, you can ultimately set the tone for the decor in your apartment. For example, if you’re looking to decorate your apartment with more earthy tones, you may want to change the colors of your wall to an egg white color or a color that would compliment those tones well. If you’re looking to keep your space bright, maybe a light grey or bold white, so that you’re able to choose brighter colors to accent your walls with.

Change your doorknobs:

I wouldn’t recommend this for every unit, but I know with an old apartment I had, I did this. Although I did this because there wasn’t a lock on my bedroom door and I didn’t exactly feel comfortable with it, it was super easy to do and allowable by my landlord! If you’re really feeling fancy, you can install doorknobs with crystals or rustic accents on them. As long as you take them off when you leave and put back the original doorknob, it should be fine!

Add wall decor:

One of the easiest ways to make your apartment feel more like a home is by adding your own wall decor. If you have the wall space, I would definitely utilize to add decor that make you truly feel at home. Some of the ways I’ve done this in our space is by adding pictures of our loved ones, our wedding photos, and custom prints on our wall to make it feel more cozy. Every now and then I look up at these additions to our apartment and it makes me smile because each piece we’ve added to our wall has a special meaning for us.

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Purchase cozy furniture:

Speaking of decor, another easy way to make your apartment feel more cozy is being adding comfortable furniture. For example, one of the coziest parts of our home is definitely our bedroom. Our bed is plush and it makes sleeping very comfortable for us. However, we’re currently on the hunt for a new couch that will help our guests that come over feel comfortable as well as they visit. In my opinion, the cozier your furniture feels, the more excited you will be to come to it each day and the more confident you will feel in your space.

What about you?

What are some things you’ve done to help make your apartment feel more cozy?

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