When my husband and I visited Boston, we thought it was so cool that there was a bookstore that sold breakfast food. I wish I could remember the name of it or at least have some pictures to jog some memories of the exact location, but I cannot. It was very crowded, which I’m sure is indicative of how good the food is.

That’s why when we found out there was a coffee shop that sold books in Easton, we were so enthralled and excited. Yes, there’s Barnes and Nobles stores that also sell coffee and books. However, there’s something so unique and charming about local coffee shops doing that.

Naturally, we visited and were able to get some shots and try some of the items from there. I mean, who could resist going into a quaint book store with a collection of older books and collectable book sleeves?

Nestled in the central area of the town of Easton is this book shop. With menu items that are book-themed and drinks such as self-serve coffee, flavored lattes, and hot chocolate, the idea is that you can both eat and read while you’re there. Honestly, if I was living in Easton, I could see myself frequent the shop quite often.

The only thing I will say is that if you’re looking for recent books, this is probably not your place. Most of the books that exist there are collectables or books that are clearly worn and used. It’s definitely not a place you’d go to look for the latest Sarah Dessen book, but it is one that you’d go to for a book on World War II history and a cup of joe.

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Personally, my husband and I loved it. I love coffee shops and local ones will forever have a deep place in my caffeine-loving heart. I think that’s one of the reasons why I loved this place so much. I think I would definitely return, but to try the food instead of just the drinks.






What are some quaint places to go to you in your region?

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