Guys, I’m twenty-seven today.

If I sound semi-dramatic right now, it’s because I am and because I’m realizing that I am only three years removed from thirty.

Thirty is not old or anything, but I am realizing that I am now approaching the age that when I was in middle school I used to think was so ancient. It’s funny how your perspective changes when you’re actually approaching it. All jokes aside, I am so thankful to be able to see another year of life because nothing is guaranteed. Each day and each moment is a blessing and I am so thankful that I am still here writing this post to you.

I thought about doing another fun facts post like how I did last year, but I can’t think of any other fun facts about myself that wouldn’t sound redundant or uninteresting.

Instead, this year I am going to do a post where I am sharing a few things I learned this year, a few things I purchased this year, and a few goals I have for this next year of life. I am also going to be giving something away soon so stay tuned for upcoming posts.

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  1. Do not be afraid to let things go: I’ve had to leave back some people and things in my previous year of life because they weren’t healthy for my spiritual and emotional growth. I still wish them well, but I am realizing that sometimes you have to make decisions that are the best for you and guard your heart from people or things that are going to send you down a road that you do not want to go on.
  2. God is provisional: I don’t know if I publicly admitted this here, but before accepting my previous teaching position I was let go from my job due to budget cuts. It was hard because it was in a role that I truly enjoyed, but I believe that through that really difficult year of deaths and financial struggle that God was reminding us that He is our provider. That even when we have the means it’s because He has provided that for us and even when we don’t, He is still able to provide.
  3. Don’t be afraid to do what’s best for you: I had to make a couple decisions this year that weren’t favorable and probably didn’t make sense to some. It was hard, but I knew deep down that these were decisions that I had to make for the betterment of our family. I had to learn to put the opinions of others aside and really go for what I felt I was being led to do – even when it didn’t make sense.
  4. Life’s too short to harbor hate: There are people in my life that I have had to forgive and still have to forgive, daily. It’s easy to want to be angry at them or to hold onto that anger forever, but God has been reminding me that not only am I not in any position to do so because I’ve certainly unintentionally hurt people, but also that life is short. It’s more important that we love others and approach others with empathy.
  5. Self care is just as important as other things: One thing I’ve been learning a lot this past year is that self-care is very important. It’s not just a cliche kind of hot-button word, but it’s really something that we all need to implement in our lifestyles to ensure that we really being nourished spiritually, emotionally, and physically. I cannot pour out of an empty cistern.
  6. Family comes first: Well, family comes second after God, but what I mean is that family comes first before work and any other aspirations. This is something I’ve had to remember as I’ve made decisions for the purpose of benefiting my family and future (God-willing) children. I have to consider what is going to benefit them before I think about what is convenient or easy because at the end of the day, when I got married to my husband, I entered a covenant with him. This means that we are both responsible for caring for each other’s hearts and considering each other above others. This year has given me the opportunity to really put that to practice and do it.
  7. It’s important to live with intention: I’ve never really had a “word of the year” but I know being intentional is something that I think is really important and something that I strive to be – intentional.  I want to be intentional in my marriage, my friendships, my relationship with God, my profession/career, my self-care and lately, my health.


  • A house: Woot, woot! Read the post here and follow the tag “casa de kim” for more information about this life update! It’s been such an answered prayer for us and we’re so excited to be able to start making our house a home!
  • Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer:  Remember the brewer I gushed about wanting to buy in a previous post? Well, we purchased it because my husband and I were looking for a brewer. While this one is a bit costly, we were able to get it on sale and use both a $20 off coupon and a $50 gift card we got to purchase it. One of the things that got my attention was the fact that I could make specialty drinks on it, which I am hoping saves us a lot of money since it’s pretty costly buying K-cups all of the time.
  • Jeans and work pants: I needed both of these things, desperately. I’ve been searching everywhere for the perfect pant, but I’ve learned that I need to stick to what works which is Old Navy. They always fit me because they have so many custom styles and fits of jeans that work for every body type. I’m curvy below, so it’s a challenge trying to find jeans that fit my hips and legs, but Old Navy jeans always seem to work for me. I’ll just stick to what works, because in my opinion they really make incredible jeans.
  • Inspirational wood decor: This is probably one of my favorite purchases, recently because I think it really adds something to our space. I will do a reveal our rooms as we finish them, so once it’s done I will be sure to share how we styled them and where we placed them!
  • Coffee: Lots of it.
  • Plans on Teachers Pay Teachers: I am not ashamed to admit that I use Teachers Pay Teachers from time to time after discovering it during my first year of teaching. As I was told, why reinvent the wheel when there are often great resources from other teachers that you can use to add to your plans and in your classroom? It’s a great resource for all teachers!


  • Jumpsuit: I love jumpsuits and rompers. They’re so comfortable, stylish and simple since you don’t have to worry about adding too much with them. I am hoping to purchase some soon that would help flatter my current figure.
  • Sundresses that actually fit: I’m on the petite side, so finding a dress that doesn’t drag across the floor like it’s dusting it.
  • Comfortable heels: A new pair of heels that I can wear to work during some of my planned presentations would be lovely!
  • New hair: I’m due for a new hairstyle and although I didn’t treat myself to one this birthday, I’m hoping to do something with this hair sooner than later. I’ve been thinking about either straightening it for getting Senegalese twists, which I’ve had a few times before.
  • Accessories: I used to be way more of an accessories person, but for me they haven’t been entirely practical as a teacher this year. Sure, I wear my rings and I wear earrings, but sometimes wearing a necklace just gets in the way because I am bending and moving so much. I’m hoping to get more into wearing them soon as I do think they add something special to an outfit.



  • Lose weight: I would like to lose weight for health reasons and also just so I feel better about myself in the clothes that I wear. I believe that we should love the body we have, but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting to make improvements to yourself as you see fit for health or personal reasons.
  • Learn how to garden: Honestly, I never learned how to garden because I never really had a patch of my own to do so. Sure, I owned indoor plants, but I’ve never actually had to pot plants or nurture them. I am excited to beautify the front of our house with some pretty flowers and plants.
  • Grow my audience more: I would love to grow more readers this year – especially since I won’t be using social media as much to promote. I’ll explain in a newsletter and perhaps a later post why that decision is being made, but I’d still love to reach people!
  • Get rid of clothes in my parent’s old closet: In my closet at parent’s house, I have so much stuff I wore in college that I cannot fit anymore or are way too much for my taste today. There’s a lot to go through, but I am making this year the year that I do it.
  • Live in the moment more: I am a planner by nature and I don’t mean planning events. I mean, I like to have things planned and prepared, but I know that by doing so I am not really living in the moment. If I am so concerned about what’s coming next or what I need to do in the next moment, I will forget to live more in the moment and enjoy it more. I pray that I do a lot more living and loving in the moment than I did in my 26th year of life.
  • Give back more: There are a lot of things that I am deeply passionate about. This year I’d love to give back more – whether it be of my time or financially. I would like to bless others as God has really provided for and blessed us so much.
  • Travel: The travel bug is itching me again and I’ve been itching to go somewhere that we haven’t visited before to explore, again. While we probably won’t be traveling so soon since there’s a lot of life changes and weddings that have happened, I’m definitely hoping to travel again to some places during this next year of life.
  • Continue to grow spiritually: I hope that I grow to be more passionate and bold for Christ in this upcoming year of life. I pray that as I continue to grow in understanding God’s love for me more deeply that I may love others out of His love even more.


What are some goals you have for the upcoming year? If your birthday has passed already, what did you do to celebrate?