Our wedding colors consisted of wine, blush, and gold, which were the perfect combination for our big day. I love fall, but knew that I didn’t want orange in my wedding party. Not that I am against it as I think it’s gorgeous in a lot of weddings, but it didn’t fit the theme we were going for.

What’s funny is that a mutual friend of ours who got married at the same time had the same color scheme except hers was inverted where her bridesmaids wore wine instead of mine who wore blush. It was really cool because she actually offered some of the things she used for her wedding for us to use in ours.

If you are looking for fall colors for your fall wedding, here’s some additions to consider!

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( Dress – David’s Bridal // Faux flowers – Michael’s // Flower headband – David’s Bridal)


My bouquet was actually created my super creative mom. She actually created the majority of the things for my wedding since while I’m someone who loves to draw, take photographs, and write creatively, it’s hard for me to bring my creative vision to life if it involves sewing. Probably the most creative thing I’ve done since then is make succulents for my classroom, but even my mom did most of those.

When planning our wedding, I knew I wanted faux flowers because I couldn’t fathom having to worry about keeping them alive for however long. Lord knows, I can barely keep the ones I own alive let alone ones for such an important event as a wedding.

With that in mind, we decided that faux flowers were the way to go and that we’d head to Michael’s, to grab some decor for the wedding. My mom seriously did an amazing job bringing my vision of my dream bouquet to life. I seriously wouldn’t have had the wedding that I had without her help. I am so glad I asked!




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Photos by Mountain Gap Photography

The crown was another piece that was faux, but was one of my favorites. I originally imagined that my flower crown would be like one of the those Pinterest-worthy crowns that were full of fresh stems. However, what it came down to for me was that I wanted something simple. Sure it would’ve been cool to have a large crown of hydrangeas on my head, but it would’ve been too much for the look that I was going for. Simple was better and I’m so glad I stuck with that and didn’t go with my original plan.

What are some of your favorite fall colors? 

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