Is it already July? Where is this summer going? If you’re interested in finding out where I’ve been and why I’ve been so M.I.A this month, I have some updates for you!

I know, I know – June is already over and yet here I am writing a currently post that is for July, but is recapping all of the deets of June. Honestly, I have been really busy and also going through a bit of a “blog crisis” where I have been debating whether or not I should keep it. As a result of both, I took a bit of a blogging hiatus where I didn’t schedule or compose any new posts. I also didn’t interact with comments much, so if you commented recently, know that I am not ignoring you! I just haven’t been checking comments, lately.

I am excited to share some of what’s been going on and what’s coming up with you all in this post, today!


  • Adjusting to my new job: So I haven’t made any announcements about this online yet, but I started at a new job this past month! I have transitioned out of my teaching role and am now working somewhere else doing something different. I am still working in education and still see the value in teaching. I also still love the kids I taught and plan to visit them often. However, I am excited about this new role and so far I am really enjoying it.
  • Unpacking: We’re still unpacking. It’s unbelievable how much stuff we acquired between the two of us and how much we both really outgrew our apartment.
  • New Girl Chat posts: It’s been a while and there’s honestly been a lot that’s transpired over the past few months. I can’t wait to share some encouragement to you.
  • Home reveal posts: As mentioned previously, I am going to be sharing little glimpses of our home on our blog. I’ll probably share them room by room or project by project of our favorite rooms in our house. We’ll see, however, because I still have some touching up to do regarding paint in our bedroom. I actually have a post scheduled for this month with photographs for our kitchen!
  • Healthier eating: I’ve been doing okay with this, recently. I have been eating a lot more vegetables and been allowing myself to have a treat a week. I could go on a strict diet, but I know that this is sustaining and I know that I’ll end up not eating. Instead, I am trying to develop a realistic diet that is more a lifestyle of balance. I even purchased my first cookbook on my own to help give me some ideas. Yay for #adulting!


  • Netflix Documentaries: Lots and lots of them…
  • 90 Day Fiance: My guilty pleasure is back on television and I couldn’t be more thrilled. It’s probably the only reality television show that I watch and I know it’s probably scripted, but it’s still really interesting to me.
  • First They Killed My Father: I’ve finally gotten around to watching this movie, which was produced by Angelina Jolie and is based on the book. I used to work in a predominately Cambodian school that served students who have family members who escaped the Khmer Rouge (and my best friend is half-Cambodian), so I’ve been wanting to watch this for a while. If you haven’t, I would definitely recommend you check this out. It’s SO good.


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  • Easy Pierogies in Five Minutes or LessErica’s post never fail to impress me. Her personality shines through them and it makes the reader feel that she’s approaching you as a friend, which I love. I also love pierogies, which is what drew me to wanting to bookmark this post!
  • Daring To Be Vulnerable And My Fear Of Feeling Joy: One of the many things I enjoy about Megan’s posts are her rawness and sometimes it seems like she’s speaking exactly what I’m thinking my my head but too afraid of vulnerability to admit. One of her recent posts really hit home for me and I am grateful for her willingness to share it so that it may bless others.
  • Nantucket Guide from First Timers: I’ve been following the Prepford Wife for a while and living vicariously through her Instagram travel posts and her style. I love her outfits and I love her eye for great locations for travel and photography purposes. Her relationship with her husband is the cutest! This post was particularly helpful for me because my husband and I are looking for vacation spots that we can go to next summer for a nice extended chunk of time away. We’ve been looking into places like Newport, RI and Nantucket, so this post has been timely!


  • 1. Women’s Striped Fitted Short Sleeve Crew Neck T-Shirt – A New Day™ Navy: I have a thing for striped shirts, but one of my favorite ones is worn (because I’ve worn in a lot) and also long-sleeve. I love how striped shirts can be either professional or casual depending on how you dress it like this one!
  • 2. Women’s Ruffle Sleeve Midi Dress – Who What Wear™: I haven’t always been a floral kind of person, but lately I have been really into the trend of fun prints and florals.
  • 3. Live Love Lake Pillow: While our bedroom is under construction in terms of decor, I’ve been going for a preppy coastal-ish theme for the bedroom and looking for hues of blue without it looking too cliche or cheesy. I love the color of this as it would accent the greys in our room currently.
  • 4. 18in Floral Succulent Wreath: I’ve been looking for a wreath for a front door that’s reasonably priced, but also cute and it’s proving to be more challenging than I thought. I think because I am really picky when it comes to decorative items and I haven’t found one that has just the right amount of thickness without looking too fake. I’m not sure if I’d put this one on our door, but I love the way it looks and have been considering purchasing it to place as an accent in one of our rooms.


  • My Ninja Coffee Bar Brewer: I know I’ve mentioned this numerous times already on this blog, but it’s probably one of my favorite recent purchases because it’s so easy to use and yet there’s so much I can do on it. I’m excited to have friends and family over while treating them to it.
  • Monogrammed things: I’ve been looking at purchasing more monogrammed things than usual to wear and adorn our new home with. I don’t know why, but I love the look of them and I think it looks very classy and preppy. One of my recent purchases was this mug from Target’s Opal House collection.

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