Have you been struggling with feeling uninspired when it comes to writing? Have you been also debating on giving up on blogging altogether because your blog isn’t quite where you thought it would be right now? I can relate and am writing this post today to encourage you to keep going, friend!

If I am being honest, I have felt very uninspired, lately.

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I don’t know if it’s because I need to change something around on my blog or if I’ve just been too busy to think of much else, but I have been struggling writing content for this space. I think a portion of it is the ever-so-present struggle with feeling that my content is not good enough for the internet, so instead of writing through it, I don’t write it all.

I keep silent and decide that instead of actually sitting down in front of my laptop and making the time to write through my writer’s block, I don’t.

Even when it came to writing this post, I’ve debated on publishing it and thought of nearly every excuse not to.

“It’s not long enough” 

“People aren’t going to read it.”

I figured that maybe the inspiration would come at some random time where I’m sitting in a coffee shop drinking a latte or watering the plants in my garden. Some ideas have come while I’ve been in the middle of doing those things, but then I always think “there is no way someone is going to want to read about this” or that there’s so many other posts on this topic that people aren’t going to want to read another post about the same thing.

Then I remember that post I wrote a while back sharing a story about the time that Facebook reactivated my account without my consent and how to this day I still have people reading and commenting, thanking me for that post.

Then I remember the random post I wrote about my husband and I’s memories while dating, expecting that no one would give a flying banana about it and then I got quite a bit of interaction on it.

I think it’s good to be analytical in our approach to blogging.

It’s good to consider your readers and what they want to hear from you, but it’s also important that you be authentically you and write what your enjoy writing.

Even when working with companies or collaborating with organizations for sponsored posts, we should strive to be sharing things that we genuinely love. We should be sharing things because we enjo

As someone tweeted, recently, I shouldn’t forget that it’s more important that I am authentically me and that I post things that I want to post than it is to post simply for others. Sure I have my audience in mind when I am posting sponsored content or sharing ideas, but I have also been trying to share things that I 100% love and think that you love, too. There have been some opportunities that I have ignored because I honestly don’t feel that it reflects my values and would not interest you.

If I want to write about my cat one day and then write about these cool coffee items I found on Amazon, then I should be able to do that without feeling like it doesn’t fit within a niche.

Be authentically you.

This is something I have been reminding myself of a lot, lately. If it’s not something that I genuinely love, feel led to share and believe that my readers would love, I don’t share it. If it’s not something that I feel genuinely excited about sharing, I don’t share it. This has led for there to be some months where I have had some inconsistent posting schedules, but it’s helped me to begin to make my blog a space that I feel is reflective of what I am hoping to achieve with it.

The same advice that I am preaching to myself, I am also going to share in hopes of encouraging you.

If you have felt like throwing in the towel lately because it seems like something isn’t growing the way you expected it, keep going and more importantly, keeping writing what you want to write. Keeping being you and keeping sharing your truth.

If you want to write book reviews about books that you’ve read recently, go for it! There are many people out there seeking blogs that share reviews about books in hopes of getting opinions from fellow consumers.

If you’re a blogger who enjoys sharing tips for traveling the world on a budget, do it! I guarantee you that there are people looking for posts like yours.

If you’re someone who’s into fitness and would like to encourage other people on their fitness journeys, share it!

Keep writing what you feel led to write and what you enjoy sharing with the world, because at the end of the day if you’re pleased and proud of your work, that’s all that matters. As cliche’ as it sounds, the right readers will come.

Yes, there will be some posts that you share that people will not pay much attention to or may not get the interaction that you like. However, you never know who might come across your blog and when they will. Who knows how your posts may inspire or encourage others?


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